tax rep network: Accountant's Guides to IRS Rep & Solving Tax Debts Updated & Available - 12/01/19 05:23 AM
I’m excited to announce that The Accountant’s Guides Second Editions are available now! Here’s what’s been added:
• Two brand new chapters: Payroll Liabilities and Personal Responsibility, and Private Debt Collectors and Passport Suspension / Revocation
• More exhibits
• IRS Abbreviations Cheat Sheet
It’s everything you need to continue your journey into the burgeoning and profitable world of taxpayer representation. Go here to find out more and start your order:
P.S. Everyone who purchases both new Second Edition books will get 50% off my upcoming 4-hour workshop on December 3, 2019. Place your book order and we’ll send … (1 comments)

tax rep network: Tax Rep Podcast: Where IRS Rep Clients Come From - 09/11/19 02:55 AM
The latest episode of the Tax Rep Network Podcast is out, and I discuss the need for representation and how practitioners can go about finding clients.  Listen to the podcast here:
Or check the episode out in YouTube here:

tax rep network: TRN Podcast: How to Reopen That Closed Tax Assessment! - 08/31/19 03:50 AM
In this week's podcast we review the techniques that can be used by tax practitioners to reopen an assessment that is closed.  Given that tax enforcement by the IRS is being done more and more by automation with no human being involved, taxpayers are finding their responses and correspondence ignored.  We review the various techniques to reopen these assessmnets and get them abated or reduced, including Audit Reconsideration, Doubt-as-to-Liability Offers, CDP, Refund cases and bankruptcy. 
You can check out this week's episode in ITunes, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or here: 
Podcast Page:
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tax rep network: How to Bullet Proof Your Tax Return - 06/06/19 02:09 AM
So the IRS sent its letter and now the client is scrambling to find their documents and receipts that the dog didn’t eat!  Listen in this week and you can stop your client’s panicking.  On this week’s episode Eric and Damien Greathead of Receipt Bank discuss exactly how to make sure your tax return is bullet proof when Uncle Sam comes calling.  Receipt Bank is an amazing app, and Eric and Damien discuss the app, the IRS process and why and how Eric discovered the app and why he not only recommends it but has all of his attorneys at Green … (0 comments)

tax rep network: Tax Rep Network: Automation & Implementation with Katie Thomas, CPA - 02/28/19 07:36 PM
In this week's Tax Rep Network Podcast we discuss Automation & Implementation with Katie Thomas. Listen in as Katie Thomas walks Eric and our listeners through how she recognized issues while working at a Big Four firm, and how she and her husband chad teamed up to begin automating practices. Katie is a CPA who specializes in helping firms implement systems, empower their people and grow their bottom line. Having wrestled with this himself, Eric found Katie and reviews what firms should be thinking about as they try and embrace technology while restraining themselves from tearing out what remains of their hair this tax … (0 comments)

tax rep network: How to 10X Your Tax Practice! - 10/24/18 02:58 AM
Joining me on this week's podcast episode was the terrific Dominique Molina from of the American Institute of Certified Tax Planners.  Listen in as we discuss how to transform your tax practice and elevate it to really help clients and create greater revenue for yourself!
In addition to discussing ideas you can begin implementing now, Dominique and I answer your questions sent in to the episode!  So catch this episode in ITunes, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or on the Tax Rep Podcast page or YouTube: 
Want to get your tax practice questions answered?  Just email it to and we will answer the question on the … (0 comments)

tax rep network: Selling on the Internet? You May Need to Deal with Sales Tax Now! - 09/12/18 02:28 PM
In June the United States Supreme Court decided the case of South Dakota v. Wayfair and turned 26 years of state tax precedent on its head.  Joining Eric Green on this week's podcast is Connecticut Department of Revenue Service's General Counsel and 1st Assistant Commissioner Lou Bucari, as he and Eric discuss the impact of the decision and how it will impact everyone from IBM to mom-and-pop shops who sell anything o the internet.  Catch the episode in either ITunes, Google Podcasts or here at Tax Rep Network Podcasts Homepage!

tax rep network: Everything You Wanted to Know About Taxes and Crypto-Currency! - 08/27/18 06:10 PM
In this Episode, I speak with my friends Steve Toscher and Mike Stein from the Beverly Hills tax Law Firm of Hochman, Salkin, Rettig, Toscher & Perez and discuss everything you need to know about Crypto-Currency: What it is, how the IRS views crypto-currency, how to report these transactions, can you do a like-kind exchange of crypto-currency, why it’s such a hot button issue with the IRS civilly and criminally, and what to do if you have failed to report a transaction. This is the program every accountant and investor needs to know about the new wild-west of crypto-currency!
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tax rep network: The Three Biggest Tax Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs - 08/15/18 08:04 PM
Dealing daily with failing start ups and their owners has shown me three critical mistakes many of these entrepreneurs make that cause, if not hasten the demise of their dream company. Check out the podcast here: 
The accompanying article can be found here: 

tax rep network: Cash and Structuring: How Accountants Get Their Clients Sent to Prison - 08/12/18 03:56 PM
In this Episode Eric sits down with IRS Special Agent Maria Papageorgiou and discusses the crime of structuring, what it is and why so many taxpayers end up committing this crime without realizing it.  Many accountants advise their clients that when it comes to cash, it is the client’s money and they can do what they want with it (so long as it was reported).  Unfortunately that is far from the truth.  Hear directly from Maria why the IRS is so intent on focusing on this violation, and what you and your clients need to know.  Get the episode in ITunes, … (0 comments)

tax rep network: The IRS's Use of Confidential Informants: Tax Rep Network Podcast - 08/06/18 10:45 AM
Episode 28 of the Tax Rep Network Podcast just hit the podcast network and it features a discussion with me and the IRS Criminal Investigation's Special Agent in Charge of the Boston Field Office, Kristina O'Connell.  The topic was, of course, how IRS Criminal Investigation uses confidential informants to build a tax case.
During the discussion Kristina covers not only how the IRS uses confidential informants to build their tax cases, but how taxpayers can become a confidential informant and be paid for their information.  Check out Episode 28 here: 
Thanks, and look forward to seeing you inside Tax Rep Network!

tax rep network: Get Lost: How Accountant's Can Revoke Their POA with the IRS - 11/27/17 04:07 AM
In this week's Tax Rep Podcast I discuss how accountants can revoke their Power of Attorney on clients, both in specific cases as well as globally clean up years of old cases.  There are many reasons why CPAs, EAs and attorneysw should revoke POA, everything from firing the client to avoid hoards of IRS notices on clients you havent seen in years.  
Check out the this week's Podcast and all the other Podcasts in ITunes here: TAX REP PODCAST
If you want to watch the video in YouTube it can be found here: TAX REP YOUTUBE CHANNEL
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