tax rep network podcast: The View from IRS Appeals: A Chat with Andy Keyso Chief of IRS Appeals - 01/21/20 06:51 AM
Listen in on this weeks episode as I am joined by a very special guest, Andrew Keyso, the former IRS Chief of Staff and current Acting Chief of Appeals. During this talk Andy discusses the impact of the Taxpayer First Act, where Appeals is heading, the role of the hazards of litigation, and what taxpayers need to know about their hearing with the IRS Independent Office of Appeals, and much more!

tax rep network podcast: Podcast: Finding Balance - A Chat With Amy Vetter - 11/02/19 06:15 AM
What do you do when your practice begins to take over your life, and it now seems that you are working for it instead of the other way around? Joining me on this week's podcast was the amazing Amy Vetter, who is not only a friend but one of my life coaches. Listen in as we discuss work-life balance, pivoting to find your passion, and bringing balance into your life and practice.
Check out the podcast episode here: 
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tax rep network podcast: IRS Collection in Community Property States - 10/20/19 04:36 AM
I just posted this week's podcast with my friend Jason B. Freeman where he walks us through the impact of the community property laws on IRS collection and what it means for those of us working to help taxpayers resolve their outstanding tax debts. Check out the podcast in any of the major platforms (Google Podcast, ITunes, Apple Podcasts) or here on the podcast page:

tax rep network podcast: Podcast: IRS Crypto Currency Target Letters: What You Need to Know! - 09/24/19 03:04 AM
On this week's podcast I am joined by Walter Pagano, CPA, CFE.  Walter is the head of Tax Controversy and Forensics at Eisner Amper in New York, and he covers what everyone needs to know about the new IRS target letters for owners of Crypto Currency, and what to do if you or one of your clients receives one.
Check out the episode here:

tax rep network podcast: Tax Rep Podcast: Where IRS Rep Clients Come From - 09/11/19 02:55 AM
The latest episode of the Tax Rep Network Podcast is out, and I discuss the need for representation and how practitioners can go about finding clients.  Listen to the podcast here:
Or check the episode out in YouTube here:

tax rep network podcast: How to Bullet Proof Your Tax Return - 06/06/19 02:09 AM
So the IRS sent its letter and now the client is scrambling to find their documents and receipts that the dog didn’t eat!  Listen in this week and you can stop your client’s panicking.  On this week’s episode Eric and Damien Greathead of Receipt Bank discuss exactly how to make sure your tax return is bullet proof when Uncle Sam comes calling.  Receipt Bank is an amazing app, and Eric and Damien discuss the app, the IRS process and why and how Eric discovered the app and why he not only recommends it but has all of his attorneys at Green … (0 comments)

tax rep network podcast: The Sales Pitch: A Conversation with Michelle Weinstein - 05/31/19 05:15 AM
Joining Eric on this week’s podcast is Michelle Weinstein, host of the Abundant Accountant podcast and Five Steps to Abundance.  Listen in as she discusses changing your mindset to get more and better clients, how to make that shift and why now is the time to embrace abundance!
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tax rep network podcast: Tax Rep Podcast: The Ask-Me-Anything Episode 6/14/19 - 05/26/19 03:47 AM
The week of June 10th I will be in Las Vegas having just spoken all week for the AICPA at its Engage Conference 2019.  I will then be heading to Salt Lake City to speak at Scaling New Heights.  In between, on June 14th I will record a special "AMA" episode of the Tax Rep Podcast from Las Vegas.
"AMA", or "Ask-Me-Anything".  If you have burning questions about the IRS, or simply a client matter that has you stumped, email me at and we will answer your questions on the episode.
Check out the podcast here at 

tax rep network podcast: Tax Rep Network Podcast: IRS Collection Update - 05/26/19 03:25 AM
During this week's podcast episode I review the recent changes in IRS Collection, including the adjustments done for an older vehicle, the program the IRS uses where they certifiy taxpayers to the State Department for passport suspension or revocation if they have delinquent taxes and are not dealing with the issue, and review the statistics just realeased by the IRS in the 2018 IRS Data Book.
Check out this week's episode in ITunes, Google Podcasts, Apple POdcasts or on either the Tax Rep Website or YouTube:
Eric L. Green 

tax rep network podcast: Tax Transcripts: An Interview with Roger Nemeth of Tax Help Software - 03/18/19 05:25 AM
Why are IRS Tax Transcripts so critical to representing taxpayers? On this week's podcast I am joined by Roger Nemeth, founder of Tax Help Software, where we discuss the importance of tax transcripts, how to get them, and then how to REALLY use them. For instance, did you know the IRS flags accounts or audits 6 months before the notice comes out? Listen in, and keep working on your path to Representation Mastery, and get a free trail and discount on THS!

tax rep network podcast: Tax Rep Network: Automation & Implementation with Katie Thomas, CPA - 02/28/19 07:36 PM
In this week's Tax Rep Network Podcast we discuss Automation & Implementation with Katie Thomas. Listen in as Katie Thomas walks Eric and our listeners through how she recognized issues while working at a Big Four firm, and how she and her husband chad teamed up to begin automating practices. Katie is a CPA who specializes in helping firms implement systems, empower their people and grow their bottom line. Having wrestled with this himself, Eric found Katie and reviews what firms should be thinking about as they try and embrace technology while restraining themselves from tearing out what remains of their hair this tax … (0 comments)

tax rep network podcast: How to 10X Your Tax Practice! - 10/24/18 02:58 AM
Joining me on this week's podcast episode was the terrific Dominique Molina from of the American Institute of Certified Tax Planners.  Listen in as we discuss how to transform your tax practice and elevate it to really help clients and create greater revenue for yourself!
In addition to discussing ideas you can begin implementing now, Dominique and I answer your questions sent in to the episode!  So catch this episode in ITunes, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or on the Tax Rep Podcast page or YouTube: 
Want to get your tax practice questions answered?  Just email it to and we will answer the question on the … (0 comments)

tax rep network podcast: 10X Your Tax Practice! Catch the Podcast on 10/21 and Learn How! - 10/13/18 03:31 AM
Catch this very special episode of the Tax Rep Podcast when Eric Green is joined by Dominique Molina of the American Institute of Certified Tax Planners and listen in as these two cutting edge consultants explain where the REAL money is to be made and how to transform your tax practice so you make way more, work way less, and take your practice to the next level! This one-of-a-kind event will be recorded and posted on October 19th, so don’t miss this opportunity to participate. 
That is right: not only will Eric and Dominique give you all the inside scoop to 10X your … (0 comments)

tax rep network podcast: Criminal Tax Part 1: Where Criminal Tax Cases Come From - 09/25/18 03:35 AM
Episode 35 of the Tax Rep Network Podcast is now out, and on it I am joined by Jim Olson, Former IRS Criminal Investigation Supervisory Special Agent who now focuses his practice on forensic investigations and reconstruction.  During this episode Jim pulls back the curtain on where criminal tax cases come from for IRS-CI, and how CI evaluates which cases it is going to take and investigate and which ones it simply kills, and why that is?  Most importantly, he provides advice to taxpayers and practitioners on what to do if IRS-CI agents knock at your door one morning!
The episode can … (0 comments)

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