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When it's cheaper to own than rent... that has to be great news! It seems that almost daily first time home buyers are getting information that makes that buy vs. rent decision a little easier. According to a new report released by real estate search site residential rental rates have...
During the "peak" years: up until the housing bubble burst, we would watch shows where an everyday Joe would buy a home, usually a foreclosure or on the verge of collapse, and "flip it" for a generous profit. We all know that most shows on television fail to really illustrate how much work goes i...
Looking forward to a great vacation away? The summer season typically boost sales for most business. Summer time is prime time for consumers to plan vacations, complete projects around the house, etc. all of these things lend to generally higher spending and a boost to the overall economy. Judgin...
Where were you when the housing market crash? Any John Doe can tell you the answer to that question. But can you tell me where you were when things started turning around? Odds are if you are in the business like I am, you can tell me the date of every turn for better. Today marks another one of ...
"The High Performers Seven of the top 15 markets posted quarter-over-quarter property price gains in this month's report, compared to none in last month’s, according to Clear Capital. Here are the seven highest-performing major real estate markets, according to the report. 1. Washington, D.C.-Arl...
Dunbar's number is a theoretical cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships. Which is basically scientific talk that you cannot physically maintain more than 100-230 relationships as one person (I will refer to Dunbar's number as 150 for average...
There has been a lot of buzz around a “salesman’s database” for many years. How many clients should I have in my database? Should I stuff it with everyone I meet? Should it only be my closest of friends? Who would really give ME any business? I have been working with a coaching group for the last...
Make sure that you are re-checking all of the pre-approval letters that were issued before the 18th on this month! Payments will be increasing by $35 to $45 per month and unfortunately some buyers who were previously qualified will no longer be qualified. If you are unsure of the changes please r...
Our customer's are shopping for luxury homes, don't you think they deserve luxury treatment? Well all of our customers SHOULD be getting the luxury treatment anyway. However, our luxury customers are expecting nothing less than a luxurious loan or real estate shopping experience. Our customers un...
We all remember the good ol' days of real estate when we lugged around a giant book of all the homes for sale. The best part about it was that customer's looking to buy a house HAD to call a Realtor to look at homes. Well know there is this big phenomena called "The Internet." Something about con...

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