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For over 3 decades we have helped our clients buy and sell appreciating properties that resell well and for a profit when the time comes. Real estate is the most important investment most people ever make...a home. It is were you keep your most valuable relationships and most intimate parts of your life. It is important and we take that responsibility very seriously. Since this is out life's work...for us, it's personal!
Charlotte, NC:  The area around the  University of North Carolina at Charlotte  is something you need to know about if you are moving to Charlotte. For the most part it is less expensive on the northside than the southeast side of the county and there are lovely homes and neighborhoods throughout...
Charlotte, NC:  I had this question from a buyer recently about our market now that it is after Labor Day. "In your professional opinion would you say this a slow time of the year for real estate?"   Not necessarily.  July and August usually are a bit slower for real estate in Charlotte as so man...
Charlotte, NC :  "That depends" I had a buyer ask today if we are in a buyer's market in the Charlotte region as we were last year and for the last few years or are we in a seller's market.  So of course, the answer is... that depends!  For the most part, you missed it.  Timing the market is neve...
Charlotte, NC:  An agent in our Charlotte Southpark office sold a home near our office and in the inspection process before closing she, the home inspector and the buyers found that the home was infested by ants all around the outside, going into all open spaces, brick mortar holes, all around th...
How Rising Interest Rates Will Impact Affordability   In a recent Forbes blog post, multimillionaire hedge fund manager John Paulson declared that today’s record-low interest rates made this the best time to buy homes in fifty years. “If you don’t own a home, buy one,” Paulson said. “If you own o...
Charlotte:  As we entered the closing attorney's office near Park Road Shopping center, in a very high demand, well located and established part of town, the first thing we saw was the receptionist in jeans and a tank top that left nothing to the imagination. The seller looked at me with raised e...
Charlotte: We sat at the table in the kitchen of my listing in Olde Cotswold, which had been on the market for four days and had received three offers. After considering the best one and signing the documents, the seller turned to me and somewhat smuggly said, "Is this the easiest one you ever ha...
Charlotte, NC: The Charlotte local real estate market is heating up, but it has a long way to go before it completely recovers from the housing market down turn. Charlotte did not experience hyper inflation, so we did not see crashing prices like some areas in the Northeast or California/Nevada/ ...
Charlotte, NC:  I think my title is a country song and I give credit to whoever wrote that since it is so true. When I was a newbie agent back in the ancient past, I had never been in sales other than a few retail jobs while in college so I was a complete blank slate. I believed everything they t...
Charlotte, NC:  Recently at a Keller Williams Southparkk sales meeting we had a panel of the top agents in the office sit for an open forum Q & A from the rest of the agents in the office.  One newer agent asked this question.  "What was your biggest mistake?"  The answers varied in specifics but...

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