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If you've made it past the title, you'll realize you're reading this for a good cause. Before I get too far, let me explain why I'm discussing Anal Warts and real estate in the same sentence. If you read the post from our companion Marcus Burke, he discusses using creative keywords to achieve hig...
I posted last night about a new site I'll be launching on May 1st, but I posted it late. This is another reminder that you have 2 days to submit your site for review to be considered on the new POSH site.  Here's a peak!  I have 9 spots left for the release. Here are the benefits of being feature...
Well gang, I have been actively working on a new website that launches on May 1st. The structure is done. The only thing missing is YOU - That's right....YOU!!! We all have real estate websites, but I think everyone will admit that some are better than others. So, how's yours? If you're using a t...
If you're in Florida, and you haven't heard about the Property Tax Reform proposal, you're living under a rock. This is an extremely hot topic - so I thought. Florida Governor, Charlie Crist, visited Valencia Community College in East Orlando yesterday evening. I expected a tremendous turnout, bu...
I spent a few years living in Windermere, FL, and grew to love the town. It's a small town, but is home to many of Central Florida's elite (I wasn't one of them). Tiger Woods, Denzel Washington, Shaquille O'Neal, Ken Griffey, Jr., Mark O'Meara, NBA All-Star/Orlando Magic team member Tracy McGrady...
 I can't believe what I'm about to post. Trust me, it's not because I took a Mickey oath saying I would never discuss the "behind-the-scenes" stuff at Disney, but just because I'm not really a Disney fan.I guess I should preface this post with my brief history, and why I'm qualified to even discu...
I have been using a service called Twitter for a few months now, and more and more of my friends are asking what it's all about. There have been a few posts on here about the program, but in case you've missed them, here's my best explanation. As blogging popularity continues to grow, so do other...
I have to admit, I'm not even close to being an American Idol fan. That being said, how could you NOT watch it this season with all the negative publicity Sanjaya has been getting. If none of this is making sense, keep reading....I'll do my best to explain and pull it all together to make sense. ...

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