florida: Property Tax Reform - 3 More Days - 04/30/07 11:02 PM

As the session for the Property tax reform in Florida nears an end, I'm noticing a tremendous lack of information available. Not only that, but people just don't seem interested. I'll admit, it's not the most interesting subject, BUT....IT'S IMPORTANT. Maybenobody thinks anything will change (I'm sort of in this group).
I'm keeping this short and simple so people will read it. I can almost guarentee it will not receive any comments, but I wish you guys would take a few seconds and tell me how you feel. You don't need to live in Florida for this to effect you. If … (0 comments)

florida: FL Property Tax Reform Meeting with Gov. Charlie Crist 4/25/07 - VERY IMPORTANT - 04/25/07 11:59 PM
If you're in Florida, and you haven't heard about the Property Tax Reform proposal, you're living under a rock. This is an extremely hot topic - so I thought. Florida Governor, Charlie Crist, visited Valencia Community College in East Orlando yesterday evening. I expected a tremendous turnout, but sadly, less than a hundred residents and Realtors attended. I was there with my video camera, and decided to share the entire presentation with you. The Governor does a decent job outlining the proposal, and different options, followed by questions from the public. Everyone in Florida, or anyone considering moving to Florida, should … (1 comments)

florida: Windermere Among the Lakes - 04/22/07 04:33 AM
I spent a few years living in Windermere, FL, and grew to love the town. It's a small town, but is home to many of Central Florida's elite (I wasn't one of them). Tiger Woods, Denzel Washington, Shaquille O'Neal, Ken Griffey, Jr., Mark O'Meara, NBA All-Star/Orlando Magic team member Tracy McGrady and Planet Hollywood CEO Robert Earl have all resided in Windermere in a neighborhood named Isleworth (Local Tip: pronounce it correctly - no "s" after isle). Isleworth is nearly impossible to enter unless you are a resident. The news once featured a story about Michael Jordon visiting, but being turned … (1 comments)

florida: TOP SECRET - Disney Tunnels EXPOSED! - 04/19/07 08:31 AM

I can't believe what I'm about to post. Trust me, it's not because I took a Mickey oath saying I would never discuss the "behind-the-scenes" stuff at Disney, but just because I'm not really a Disney fan.
I guess I should preface this post with my brief history, and why I'm qualified to even discuss this.
First, I am a native Floridian - one of only four (number might be off slightly). I was born in Miami, but moved to Orlando when I was 6 months old. I was raised on the west side of town, very near Disney - close enough to … (25 comments)

florida: Having a little fun.... - 02/10/07 03:51 PM
About 5 months ago, I was up at 3am pulling some comps, and had the TV on in the room. An infomercial came on for a Realtor in the area, and it was pitiful - maybe. He was jumping around, yelling about how many bedrooms this house had, and how great he was, blah, blah, blah. TThing is - I kept watching. It hit me that night that I wanted to make a commercial. I finally got around to doing it, and actually came up with 4 of them (with many more on the way). I'd LOVE to know what you … (6 comments)


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