minneapolis real estate: Now Is The Time To Buy A New Home! - By Ahmed Elbatrawy - 08/14/09 09:57 AM
Hello Minnesota!   There has never been a better time to buy a home than today. It may seem simple, but it's true. Historically low interest rates, vast supply, and a multitude of great deals including bank owned and short sale opportunities have driven prices down and made home buying more affordable than ever.  But where to begin?   The home buying process may seem complicated and frustrating at times, but if you follow these simple steps, you will be well on your way with keys in hand, ready to open the front door of your new home!Ten Steps to Buying a New Home: … (0 comments)

minneapolis real estate: Great Deals on Minnesota HUD Homes - By Ahmed Elbatrawy - 08/14/09 09:56 AM
Hello Minnesota Home Buyers!   There has never been a better time to buy a home in Minnesota, and great deals can be had on HUD owned homes.                  But first, what exactly is a Minnesota HUD Home?A Minnesota HUD home is a 1 to 4 unit residential property located in the state of Minnesota that has been acquired by the United States Government's Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as a result of a foreclosure action on an FHA-insured mortgage. HUD becomes the property owner and offers it for sale in Minnesota to recover the loss on the foreclosure … (0 comments)

minneapolis real estate: Tips on Avoiding Foreclosure on Your Minnesota Home - By Ahmed Elbatrawy - 08/14/09 09:54 AM
Hello Minnesota!In these troubled economic times, the recovery period seems farther and farther away, including here in Minnesota.  There has been much talk in marketplace lately about all of the homes that are, and potentially might be, going into foreclosure here in Minnesota.  A difficult, but more and more common question people are asking themselves is:Am I at risk of foreclosure and losing my home?The great news is that foreclosure doesn't happen overnight, and there are many free ways that you can avoid this situation.  The are even several government-sponsored programs available to Minnesota residents that you can take advantage of.One opportunity open to all … (0 comments)

minneapolis real estate: Great News for Minnesota Homeowners - Government Adds to Making Home Affordable Program! - By Ahmed Elbatrawy - 08/14/09 09:52 AM
Hello Minnesota!I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable 4th of July!  One of the things that I love the most about America is the freedom we all have to be homeowners.  But what if your home in Minnesota suddenly doesn't seem as affordable as it was two years ago?  Is your monthly payment becoming too much to handle?There's great news coming from the government that might enable you to lower your monthly payment and take some stress off paying for your Minnesota home!  The government has just expanded the criteria for its "Making Home Affordable" program.You may now be eligible … (0 comments)

minneapolis real estate: New Minnesota Home Development Projects Get the Green Light! - By Ahmed Elbatrawy - 08/14/09 09:50 AM
Hello Minnesota!Great news coming from Washington DC direct to Minnesota:  the Federal Government has just announced a list of states that will be receiving federal funding to jumpstart new construction projects.  Minnesota is one of the 26 lucky states that was chosen to receive part of the initial funding.With the slowing of the US economy taking a heavy tolll on construction starts and developments, particularly in the residential market, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 has just allotted funding to 26 states to increase availability of "affordable housing options for low-income families at a time when those options are … (0 comments)

minneapolis real estate: Minneapolis Aquatennial Prepares for 70th Anniversary Festival and Parade - By Ahmed Elbatrawy - 08/14/09 09:49 AM
Hello Minnesota!With all of the often somber news being reported about the economy and housing markets lately, I thought it would be a perfect time to talk about all of the excitement and fun activities that happen in our great state of Minnesota!While July is usually marked with wonderful tempuratures and summer vacations, it is also a great time to visit the ever-growing city of Minneapolis, espcially in late July.  This year, from July 17th-25th, Minneapolis and all of Minnesota will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the hugely popular Aquatennial Festival.  Dating back 70 years to the last of the great Sioux … (0 comments)

minneapolis real estate: Fantastic, Fun Opportunities Abound in Downtown Minneapolis This Weekend! - By Ahmed Elbatrawy - 08/14/09 09:47 AM
Hello Minnesota!   Looking for things to do this weekend?  Check out this list of things to do while visiting Minneapolis and see if something on it peaks your interest.First off, try attending the Basilica Block Party!  This fun event takes place this Friday and Saturday, July 10th and 11th, and is being held at the Basilica of Saint Mary in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  This event started in 1995, and has since grown to include 15,000 people in attendance, and raised about $100,000.  All of the proceeds fund the ongoing restoration of the Basilica, a landmark parish located on Hennepin Avenue in downtown … (0 comments)

minneapolis real estate: Minnesota Foreclosure Homes - Great Value and Opportunity!!! - By Ahmed Elbatrawy - 08/14/09 09:43 AM
Hello Minnesota!Searching for that new home amidst the foreclosures in and around your area?  Are you thinking foreclosure means the condition of the house will be less then livable?  Most Minnesota first time home buyers looking for a home in today's market would like to find their dream home and move in ASAP!   The economy we live in today has forced many homeowners, and even some home builders, to let properties go back to the bank due to their financial state.  Most of these houses in and around Minnesota are still in great condition.  Some may need a small amount of … (0 comments)

minneapolis real estate: Take a Break - Enjoy Minnesota Events! - By Ahmed Elbatrawy - 08/14/09 09:41 AM
Hello Minnesota! I wanted to give you a list of things to help you make your search for that new home in Minneapolis and the surrounding area a little more enjoyable this week!  There are many activities going on in Minneapolis that should really give you a fantastic idea of what it is like to live in the amazing city during the heart of the summer, as well as allow you to enjoy the sights and sounds of the area we love to call the "Twin Cities".Starting with July 15th thru the 18th we have a fantastic event called the Deep … (0 comments)

minneapolis real estate: www.RemaxSearch.com - The Easy Way to Find Minnesota Real Estate - By Ahemd Elbatrawy - 08/14/09 09:37 AM
Hello Minnesota Real Estate Owners (and those looking for Minnesota Real Estate)!   Looking for the new place to call home?  Are you a first time home buyer wondering how the Internet can help aid you in this search?  Here is some great information on how to search for that fantastic piece of Minnesota Real Estate call home...all with the click of a mouse from comfort of your house!In the world today, there is a magnitude of Minnesota Real Estate information available to us at our fingertips.  As society becomes more and more transparent through online searches and communities, many types … (0 comments)

minneapolis real estate: Tips for Beginning Your Minnesota Real Estate Search - By Ahmed Elbatrawy - 08/14/09 09:35 AM
Hello Minnesota!    Looking to capitalize on the great market prices and own a piece Minnesota Real Estate, but can't figure out where to begin with your new home search?  Want to figure out how to locate the best agent for your needs? There are some very important first steps that need to be taken before you locate the perfect agent for your new Minnesota home. It is always good to start your new home search on your online and surfing the Internet can help you get an idea of what real estate is available. Try using these quick search terms to help … (0 comments)

minneapolis real estate: Begin Your Search for Minneapolis Real Estate at www.RemaxSearch.com !!! - By Ahmed el Batrawy - 08/14/09 09:33 AM
Begin Your Search for Minneapolis Real Estate at www.RemaxSearch.com !!!
Hello Minnesota! Begin your search for Minneapolis Real Estate at www.RemaxSearch.com!Are you currently looking for a new home?  Are you especially interested in Minneapolis Real Estate?    Here are some tips to help with your search straight from www.RemaxSearch.com.  First off, do not discount the new home builders.  Any agent you work with will be more than happy to help you find a home even if it involves the new home builders in Minnesota.  You can find an experienced agent at www.RemaxSearch.com that will help you to sort through all of your many … (0 comments)

minneapolis real estate: Getting the Most Out of Your Visit to www.RemaxSearch.com and The Re/Max Pro Team - By Ahmed el Batrawy - 08/14/09 09:31 AM
Hello Minnesota! Last time I discussed beginning your search for Minneapolis Real Estate at www.RemaxSearch.com.  Today I am going to spend time talking about using that very same link, www.RemaxSearch.com to find the perfect agent for your new home search. Looking for Minneapolis Real Estate can be very challenging, especially when you are a first time home buyer and have never worked with an agent before.  The Internet has made it very easy to take care of these things from your own home.  When you first log on to www.RemaxSearch.com, you will notice at the very top of the web page there is … (0 comments)

minneapolis real estate: www.RemaxSearch.com Will Help you Find Your New Minnesota Home! - By Ahmed el Batrawy - 08/14/09 09:30 AM
Hello Minneapolis and welcome to www.RemaxSearch.com !   When you decide to purchase Minneapolis Real Estate, it is easy to become overwhelmed by all of the choices around you. www.RemaxSearch.com is designed to provide you with an easy way to find your new Minnesota Home through a variety of easy-to-use search tools and options. Here is how to get the most out of www.RemaxSearch.com and to find your perfect piece of Minneapolis Real Estate!    When you first log onto www.RemaxSearch.com, you will be directed to the home page and be welcomed by a clean and concise view of the menu, search options and a … (0 comments)

minneapolis real estate: Minneapolis Real Estate Update from www.RemaxSearch.com - By Ahmed el Batrawy - 08/14/09 09:28 AM
Hello Minnesota Real Estate Friends!One of the most important things you can do when beginning your Minneapolis Real Estate search is to stay on top of market trends and changes. We here at the Re/Max Pro Team make it part of our mission to stay on top of these changes and provide you with the most recent Minneapolis Real Estate updates via our web-site www.RemaxSearch.com.   With so much negative news surrounding the real estate market in general, Minnesota Real Estate provided a bright spot today by posting small, but positive changes in a couple of key areas of the market. Average List … (0 comments)

minneapolis real estate: Get To Know Minneapolis Real Estate with your Re/Max Pro Team & www.RemaxSearch.com - By Ahmed el Batrawy - 08/14/09 09:26 AM
Hello Minneapolis!   Looking for Minneapolis Real Estate and want to narrow it down to specific neighborhoods?  The Re/Max Pro Team is here to help you in that quest!  Over the next few days, the Re/Max Pro Team will use this blog to supply you with details regarding a few of the neighborhoods to consider while looking for Minneapolis Real Estate.  The easiest way to go through this information is to use alphabetical order.  Once you have looked over all of the details, proceed to www.RemaxSearch.com to connect with your preferred agent from the Re/Max Pro Team to set up some … (0 comments)

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