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There is the old story about men of integrity who did business with just a handshake. That's fine and dandy, but by contrast, why are there so many silly love songs? I guess the point, as obvious as it is, has not been made quite clear yet. Because language is imperfect, and at times is impressio...
Residential landlords in Arizona owe certain duties to their tenants, which cannot be delegated or alleviated even if both parties agree to it in writing.  The state legislature has made the following terms invalid if they are included in a residential lease:  1. In which a tenant is required to...
A Residential Landlord Can Evict a Tenant for Violating the Lease Agreement: A. Not paying rent    1.    If a tenant does not pay rent when it is due, the landlord may give written notice explaining how much rent and late fees the tenant owes demanding payment within five (5) days.    2.    If th...
Arizona law requires all owners of residential rental property to register their contact information for the property with the County Assessor, or the property may not be legally leased to tenants, and may be subject to statutory penalties. If a residential landlord is not a resident of this stat...
New Rules Require Rental Property Owners to Issue 1099s   Landlords who receive rental income from tenants must start reporting payments made to vendors which exceed $600 a year.  In July 2010 Congress enacted Small Business Jobs Act which was designed to encourage small business spending. Howeve...
I sat in protest at a lunch counter with several other fat, middle-aged, white men and nobody noticed.
Tenants must pay their rent in full and on time. Inability to pay rent because of job loss, financial hardship, or medical problems will not stop an eviction. If a tenant is having a problem paying rent on time, and try talking with the landlord first. The landlord may be willing to work with the...
If a residential landlord intentionally or negligently fails to provide essential services such as running water, gas, electricity heat or air conditioning or shuts off running water, gas, electric service, heat or air conditioning, the the tenant should give the landlord written notice describin...
  A residential landlord can recover a rental property from a tenant in one of three ways. 1. Surrender. The tenant vacates voluntarily and returns possession of the keys. 2. Abandonment. A residential rental property shall be determined to be "abandoned" if a tenant fails to respond after five d...
Arizona law requires that residential landlords maintain the rental property by doing the following: 1.    Meet the requirements of local building and health codes regarding the condition of your home; 2.    Make repairs necessary to keep the home in a fit and livable condition; 3.    Keep shared...

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