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USDA loans are great for people in Wake County!  This 100% loan has some exciting differences to FHA and VA loans. USDA loans can be used for Manufactured Housing!  Since more than 35% of all housing in North Carolina is manufactured housing, this is a BIG PLUS! USDA loans have Minimum Credit Req...
I've said it before... but Sam Thompson from Southern Pines is FUNNY... and that's why I subscribe to his blog.I asked him if he'd seen the contest going on about the HISTORIC something or other someone was doing... I thought it might be good for him and his business since he's in a fairly histor...
First off - A DAP is the "mortgage babble term" for DownPayment Assistance Programs.  "Home sellers can help buyers pay closing costs by giving a portion of their proceeds back to the buyer at closing. The amount of seller assistance that's allowed depends on the type of loan the buyer is getting...
I read several economic and political blogs - and this headline caught my attention..."My Nomination for Lie of the Year"From the New York Times: "Mr. Paulson is clearly taking a stand against critics who support even stricter regulations, while rejecting any notion that the crisis in financial m...
I was reading the Cary News  - and some of my neighbors are excited about Earth Hour this weekend!I had not heard about this - but I think it's something my family will participate in too!  "On March 31 2007, for one hour, Sydney made a powerful statement about the greatest contributor to global ...
If you've been following this blog then you know that lending guidelines in NC are the strictest in the Nation.  NOW COMING TO A TOWN NEAR YOU are the even stricter guides.  This is NOT being done through Congress - but instead is coming via changes to REG Z and the FED.With these guidelines in p...
Okay  -  so you've probably already seen this (especially if you are a big Jon Stewart Fan Like WE ARE) ... I wrote to Matt Heaton today and asked him to help us out with some insight.  Figured he has one of the "bigger" brains when it comes to this stuff, unlike perhaps Mr. Bush!    
This just in... " A number of former Countrywide Financial Corp. executives are forming a firm to take advantage of the massive unwinding of the mortgage-securitization business, The Wall Street Journal reported."  How interesting!  They've figured out how to create an "exit strategy that makes t...
Today, more that ever, real estate experts advise consumers to detach their emotions from one of e biggest financial moves of their  life, reminding us that there’s a difference between a “home” and a “house.” I read about one California architecture professor who urges buyers to make sure those ...
How do you spot a millionaire?  They aren't necessarily swaggering tycoons with stately mansions, flashy cars and big gold watches.  A recent survey says that "a glamorous image notwithstanding, the average millionaire is more apt to work on Main Street than Wall Street these days."  (Well I gues...

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