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I think we really need lower interst rates, and so I'm still sniffing around for bad news in the economy...  the President mentioned again today that we're in "pretty decent shape", and the economists are predicting that tomorrow the Fed will do a "one and done," signalling that fear of inflation...
Apparently I'm the last one to know... but Connolly's Irish Pub in Cary, NC has Trivia Night each Monday!  Steve and I went last night as the "advance party" to check it out - and we had a BLAST!It starts when Slow Talkin' Tom starts handing out small piles of index cards with a pen. That's right...
I'm Still on the prowl for lower mortgage interest rates... If you've read this blog before, you know that I think George Soros is one of the smartest guys in the room.  Goerge was back in the news today helping me understand what happened to rates this week! According to Bloomburg, "Billionaire ...
The Times They Are A Changin'... Again.   Seems like every time I think I've figured out what the "rules" are for making a mortgage loan, I have to re-learn them!  There's no getting free from this!! Mortgage Insurance Companies Announced Sweeping Changes, and more are on the way. Standard A Pape...
   So it's Gonna' Be ROCKIN' TODAY!! I did a post yesterday about GREEN - and how the COMMODITIES market was messin' with my MOJO for Rates to Go DOWN! (This just in... Wholesale Prices Soar 1.1% on Food, Energy Costs) WELL... everybody commented on the fact that it wasn't the poor farmer's fault...
When clients contact us  they are usually looking for the lowest monthly payment - or the easiest way to get into the property with the least amount of money tied up in the transaction. Most prospects only ask one question... "What's your rate???"  In truth, there are MANY other questions to ask...
The health of the world ECOLOGY and ECONOMY are unexpetedly diverging as we learn more about the global need to thoughtfully plan the use of our resources.  The unintended consequence of a global push for "Green" is a shift in farmland use.  With the rise in the demand for ethinol, farms world wi...
The Wall Street Journal found a section of the real estate market that's making some agents rich!  In the article published April 9, they focus on several agents across the country that help buyers find deals in foreclosed property - many of the banked owned properties are not listed in MLS (or R...
So my husband has just complained for the 15th time about how much time I'm spending on this post... well there were 51 pages of mortgage blogs to review!  If you are a "newbie" (and there were a ton of them this week...) please look not only at WHAT people wrote - but HOW they wrote it and the P...
Unlike other Mortgage Professionals you might be working with, I started my career in Mortgage Lending at the age of 15.  My father worked, at that time, as one of the first people in the country putting together Mortgage Backed Securities.  So for my first job we walked around a conference room ...

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