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For folks in the Industry who have worked for years to get rid of the term "mobile home" - I apologize... but here in North Carolina... that's what we call 'em. At one point in the last 10 years - 40% of all housing in NC was considered to be manufactured housing.  This is a big market! Many folk...
Lately, we've talked to several people who are going through a divorce - or WANT DESPERATELY to get out of a marriage. Their real estate is holding them back. I guess it's not surprising that folks with money issues are also having marriage issues - but there are important details they need to co...
I grew up in this business, so I've had a lot of "rule of thumb" stuff I've squirreled away in the back of  mind.  One of my "old reliables" says that a borrower normally qualifies for 3 times their gross income.  When Lenn Harley issued a Challenge to Loan Officers to see if the average buyer in...
Do your customers currently compare the energy bills of potential homes?  If so - then this might be interesting to you! We were fortunate to have Dan McFarland, Southern Energy Management in our office today to discuss "HBA Green Built" certifications and "Energy Star" certifications - and speci...
It's not like we're friends or anything... but as a "politically interested" person - and someone who looks at the Senate Banking Committee website at LEAST once a week to check on Housing Bills... I kind of felt like I knew something about the moral ethics of Christopher Dodd, Senator to the Gre...
                    When you have a state that looks like this - you can be sure we see many Veterans purchasing homes! The Veteran's Administration does not actually "make" mortgage loans - they guarantee those loans, similar to what FHA does.  They charge a Funding Fee which is generally consi...
The National Association of Homebuilders believes we need an Emergency Stimulus Bill... afterall, housing starts are at the lowest since 1991 (and as Tanta notes "completions followed starts off the cliff...). The package, according to NAHB needs to include a "temporary tax credit for HomeBuyers,...
That's right... you can now offset your Charter Jet Service!  WOW! ... and I'll bet there are some folks who are reading this scratching their head and asking "WHAT?" Welcome to the new green world.  Welcome to the world of Carbon Offsets.  Welcome to a new set of three R's.. Recycle, Reuse, and ...
In NC - at least in my little corner - it seems like most of our business is from folks who are relocating here.  Many Many years ago a friend of mine told me that one of the first things you notice in a relo market are the license plates...  kinda' like that game you use to play when you were a ...
With summer approaching you might be thinking about a nice trip to the beach... well, in NC we have some lovely lighthouses you should see!  One of them is the Bodie Island Lighthouse. In an email I received from Bett Padgett, the President of the Outer Banks Lighthouse Society - it appears Bodie...

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