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We are fortunate to live near several Military Bases, and we are working with several folks who are using their VA benefits to purchase homes.  Mortgage loans backed by the Veterans Administration are 100% loans based on the homes value, and do not generally carry location restrictions like USDA ...
The VA made a significant change on October 10, 2008 in an effort to help Veteran's who might be caught up in a subprime mortgage.  The Veteran's Administration never made any subprime loans, and even the adjustable rate mortgages offered through the VA are considered to be some of the safest, mo...
Broker Bryant introduced me to an "old friend" here on the Rain - and she needs our help... Margaret Rome is just finishing her book, "Real Estate the Right Rome Way," and would like to have Seth Godin review her book.  Broker Bryant figured he probably has his Google Alerts on, and might get to ...
Use to be, I could get all the business I wanted just concentrating on my referral partners in Cary.  With business such as it is, I now find myself heading further out to hook up with borrowers and referral partners.  I've been listening to CNBC as the market works it's way up and down. Maybe yo...
We've had several people interested in obtaining a USDA home loan for property in Durham County.  I've put together a couple of maps that should help in identifying areas that qualify for this program.  As you might know - it's one of the last TRUE 100% home loans available - and it doesn't have ...
VA mortgage loans are one of the greatest benefit a soldier has. They offer 100% financing, with no mortgage insurance and fairly easy qualifying guidelines. For more information on qualifying for a VA home loan, please click here.  Like most everything else the Government does, there are some "q...
"Macy's says that the Consumer might be having some hard times." That could be the "No Duh" quote for the day.  There are TONS of people who are frightened by what's going on in the Global Economy.  There are people in their 70s and 80s who are on fixed income who have truly had their worlds rock...
Sarah Eubanks came across some Economic GOOD NEWS on a day when we need it!  Maybe we're nearing the bottom! In today's economic turmoil and heated political scene, we rarely hear news that is uplifting or encouraging.  This morning - today - is not any different.  I wanted to share with you a g...
My email to friends this morning says, "LOCK 'EM IF YOU GOT 'EM!"  GREAT OLE' BIG DISCLAIMER:  We are in a little different situation than most of our competitors, because we can allow folks to float their rate down until a few days before closing. If you are working with a "bank" like Wells Farg...
Last weekend marked my one year anniversary on Activerain.  I can honestly say...it's changed my life, and the way I look at things.  It's affected my confidence, and my "self talk."  I was introduced to it during an all day conference last September on "Using the Internet to Market Your Business...

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