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This is just too good to be missed! You remember "Baghdad Bob" from the Iraq War, right?  Iraq's information minister who repeatedly claimed no American troops in Baghdad as US tanks patrolled only hundreds of yards from his studio.  Well the NAR's very own Baghdad Bob, former Chief Economist, D...
In the "old days" (before the government had to get involved in lending), rates, and yield spread worked just like a ruler.  A rate of 5%, might be "even" - meaning the broker charged a 1% origination fee (which they share with their company), and that was what they earned.  A rate of 5.125% woul...
Welcome to the VERY FIRST North Carolina Week in Review!  I'd been thinking about this for a while... and I wanted a way to give encouragement to folks who are just starting out in NC on Activerain, and show them some of the great things we're doing! With the NC Week In Review I'm going to highli...
There's an article regarding the USDA program in today's Wall Street Journal.  It's a POSITIVE program, with low default rates, no money down, and no mortgage insurance!  Rates (as I write this) are below 5.5%... and the USDA Mortgage Program is so popular, it's about to run out of money... I've ...
This is TOO funny!  Had to share! Had to share this; Clearly a very important Form to have - in fact as you read this, we are filling it out;)
If you are in NC, chances are, I just added you as an Associate.  I"ve been thinkin' about this for a while... When you are FEATURED, you get more exposure, so I wanted to create a way for the good folks in NC to get FEATURED! Once a week I will do a NC Week In Review.  The first one will be next...
For fun an giggles, let's say you bought a property in Feb. of 2008.  You got a Heck of a Deal - and you purchased the home for $237,000.  The appraisal in February was for $245,000 (and the appraiser thinks it's worth more now).  The loan in February was a conventional 100% Community Reinvestmen...
I can not tell you how many people have told me TODAY that they heard rates are going to 4.5%!!! From your mouth to God's Ears! As I write this, rates are close to 5.0%... but it's still quite a stretch to get to 4 ANYTHING... so should you just wait? The reality is that the mortgage business has...
Most folks want to avoid PMI... but they don't realize that they are happily paying a "kind" of mortgage insurance no matter what kind of loan they are getting! Mortgage Insurance is not the insurance that covers you if you die, or are disabled and can not pay the mortgage... it's the insurance t...

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