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Okay- so many of you already know this... But the Federal Housing Administration (yep, FHA) now has a page on Facebook!  AND!  If that wasn't cool enough (I mean you can leave questions on their WALL!) you can also follow them on Twitter! Say what you might about Obama plans - but having access t...
Mortgage Companies do not require a home inspection - but we definately feel they are important!  This is great information for all! Why do I need to get an Inspection... So often I hear this question!  Sometimes it's because my client is purchasing new construction, sometimes it's because they ...
With all the "Hoop Madness" going on - you might think of BASKETBALL!!   And we love our basketball here in NC!!  But recently we were named the FASTEST growing area in the COUNTRY!  "Raleigh, and its Cary suburb (where I live) make up the fastest growing metropolitan area in the country, accordi...
The Obama administration is due to release details for the "Troubled Assets" on the Bank's books later this week.  Those would be the "Mortgage Loans" that went on the bank books in 2006 before all of this mess happened. It appears to me that the plan fall along the lines of this... If the assets...
I wrote earlier that I believe one of the reasons that CREDIT SCORES are getting tighter in NC is because of a squeeze in values... This is a GREAT piece of information! Okay first let me BUST a MYTH out there. The administration is telling people that even though YOU are not going to get bailed...
There is a silver lining to all of this Bailout Business (thank goodness!) and it applies all First Time Homebuyers!  In the recent stimulus package, Congress, and President Obama wrote in a $8000 Tax Credit for First Time Homebuyer's who purchase a home between January 1, 2009 and December 1, 20...
FHA offers a great mortgage program for folks who want to make improvements to their home (through a refinance) or those who are purchasing a home that needs some "TLC!"  The program's official name is 203k.  If you are not familiar with the loan, you can find basic program details, like how the ...

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