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We made calls yesterday to Real Estate Offices, and New Construction Subdivisions... and we got "Excuse-itis" everytime we got out of the car!  These places were all within 10 square miles of each other - so you would think the "health" of Real Estate in that little area would be relatively the s...
Barcamp is coming to Raleigh! Not sure what that is? go to http://www.rebarcamp.com Wanna help?  First Planning Meeting July 28, 2009 2:00pm to 3:00pm Cary's Barnes and Noble (directions here) Goals for this first planning meeting include:  We expect to determine exactly when the "unconference" w...
I went to RE BAR CAMP VIRGINIA BEACH last week - and camp back excited about holding one n the Triangle!  Watch this to get an idea of the "toe-to-toe" networking that happened!  Thanks Justin for putting this together!   My 2cents on REBarcamp   Well I recently had the honor to actually attend a...
Are you a First Time Homebuyer, dreaming of the day when you can sit among your boxes, in your new home? HUNDREDS of first time homebuyers in Cary, Apex, Holly Springs are doing just that, and taking advantage of the now "famous" $8000 Downpayment Assistance program available through NC Housing F...
This is very detailed information for First Time Homebuyers.  We are working with several people who are hoping to improve their credit, or save money for closing costs (or an FHA downpayment!)!  I think this is very good news for the economy!  If you want to see if you QUALIFY for the First Tim...
 We've really had those little tiny Ants in our house this summer!  This really works!  Thanks Leesa! I keep running across these tips for everyday household remedies so I thought I would share them!  My first was by necessity - Quick Tip To Share - Garbage Disposal Cleaner AND IT'S GREEN! and th...
USDA is quickly becoming one of the Country's most popular mortgage loan programs, and with that, the USDA Rural Development Offices are getting backlogged! USDA Home Loans are 100% (plus) mortgages - for more information about the program click here. Because of this increase in volume, there hav...
Risk Based Pricing is a term now used by mortgage lenders to refer to how mortgage loans are Priced. A mortgage with a higher risk to the bank has a higher price, or interest rate.  A loan with a lower risk of default for the back, has a better price / rate. There are several factors that current...
With MJ's parting this week - it reminded me of a book on my shelf...  THEY WENT BROKE?! by Roland Gary Jones MC Hammer, born Stanley Kirk Burrell, sold some 18 million copies of his album, Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em.  Even though he won Grammy's and earned over $50 million in the 1990's - he f...
"We misread how bad the economy was"This is the comment made by VP Biden this weekend as he tried to explain why the administration first declared that unemployment would go to around 8% this year and last week we saw much higher numbers... and many folks are saying that the unemployment numbers ...

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