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This is only part of what the Homebuilders and NAR were looking for - but having the FHA limits here going back up will help... especially when you look at the new PMI guidelines that are coming out. (For information on the Genworth changes announced yesterday, click here going to minimum credit...
I just received the note below from one of the BEST Financial Planners I know!  It is very generous, and valuable, as the offer comes from one of the most sincere people in the business.  I highly recommend Paul Pitman - and suggest that if you, or someone you know, is facing a layoff - call him....
In the Triangle, we are lucky to have such a large area that qualifies for USDA financing on mortgage loans!  This program offers a 100% loan for homebuyers who qualify with properties located in the more "rural" parts of the area! Does that mean it's just for a FARM?  Oh NO!  This is for your ho...
Everybody needs to Move it, Move it, Move it!!! 'Cause minimum credit scores are going UP!  I'm not talking about folks having BAD credit and having trouble buying a home... but I have a borrower right now that has a 618 score - NO LATE PAYMENTS.  He has 20 years of credit history... He owes Best...
THIS is a totally cool concept - and one that would be a great English Project for my 14 year old!  Can you SEE the emphasis?  WOW! Regardless of which side of the aisle you subscribe to, today Barack Obama gave a pretty powerful and uplifting inaugural speech. Full of hope and inspiration, even...
There are TONS of statistics that point to THIS being the right time to purchase a home... but maybe you haven't looked at how LOWER mortgage rates relate to homes?  For instance, this is a beautiful "used" home in Garner, NC... The sales price is $259,900.  To keep things easy - let's assume you...
Paul Krugman says be SKEPTICAL of the new ideas regarding Troubled Assets (mortgages)!!    I read this about house prices, and didn't get it... until I watched the video and looked up ROFLOL (Rolling on the Floor Laughing Out Loud). House prices, in some areas, still have quite a ways to DROP.   ...
Did you know that we've had 11 featured posts (that I can find anyway) in North Carolina since the beginning of the year? On the drum roll there, you'll find (if I missed yours please let me know!):Debe Mitchell Diane Aurit Brad and Angela Lawrence Jodi Bakst Elizabeth Nieves JaneAnne Ginger and ...
Obama recently said he wanted to hear the ideas "out there" for a better stimulus package.  Paul Krugman, who recently won a Noble Prize for his Economic Genius, has some ideas... and he recently shared those with Rolling Stones! In his post, Krugman notes... "One more thing: even with the Obama ...
Could we get someone to look into this?  It makes getting around in the Rain PAINFUL!  Please re-blog this and see if we can get some attention to the problem! I admit that I have not been on ActiveRain as much as I would like lately but I thought I was up to speed on all of the changes.  Howeve...

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