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I first wrote about WCPSS in one of my FIRST posts to Activerain in December of 2007... and then I wrote again last December about the fact that that Wake County had A SCHOOL in the top 25 in the Country - but these were kids who had NOT been bussed all over the county for the last 10 years!  (re...
They're busing our kids in Wake County, North Carolina... They could walk to school now - but they are moving them again so that we no longer have a community school. Price of gas has gone up  -  the county doesn't have enough money - so in their brilliance, WCPSS decided that new schools will be...
  Stanton Homes are beautiful - but I think anyone who is considering a New Home should go through this list very thoughtfully... like "Is Music An Important Part of Your Home?"  Well, for us it IS!  Our daughter plays piano for HOURS a day!  That's important when considering room arrangement, an...
When you are having one of "those" days... where do you draw your inspiration from?  I have an EXTENSIVE library - and in the front of my favorite books, I've written the page numbers that have IMPACT. One of my Favorite Books is from the High Trust Sales Academy that I did with Todd Duncan sever...
The Fed announced, and confirmed that they are going to stop purchasing Mortgage Backed Securities at the end of March.   They want Private Investors to get in the game and start participating. But what if they don't - meaning what if nobody but the government is interested in purchasing mortgage...
I'm tired of that "F-R- Double E Spells FREE" credit report commercial!    Because what they are "hawkin' is NOT free! Thankfully, on March 3, 2010 the Federal Trade Commission file a revision to the Free Annual File Disclosure Rule to address the abuses and deceptive advertising for Free Credit ...
You know how you sign up for a store credit card, and they give you a 10% discount off that purchase?  Okay, so let's say you "Stumble" in Victoria's Secret, and you purchase $350 worth of, ughmm, "clothing."  They offer you a 10% discount and future great discounts, if you sign up for a Victoria...
In North Carolina, we get RURAL in a hurry!  I mean you can be in an area where you hear Roosters when you wake up, and only have to drive about 25 minutes to your job at the Research Triangle Park!  One of the programs that folks in this area are interested in, because it IS available - is the U...

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