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  These are great tools for all of us!     Google is going to take over the world ~ I'm convinced of it...  To prove my point just look at what you can NOW do with Google maps!   About 5 years ago Google bought Keyhole and integrated their technology with Google Maps and brought us a satellite vi...
  Are ReBarCamps still the right format for this industry?  Is the we'll figure it out when we all get there meeting the BEST way to teach and learn and grow our knowledge base? For many it is.  But others struggle with the format... In Atlanta - they already have a great "formatted" conference w...
This weekend, April 24, 2010,  Cary is holding the 17th Annual Spring Daze celebration at Fred Bond Park! I hope you can come join the fun!  You might even get to see Anoop Desai perform from American Idol! Want to learn more about how you can help Cary, NC be a Greener, Healthier place to live? ...
There's been some speculation that the FED exit of the Mortgage Backed Security Market will cause a spike in Interest Rates, and a downturn in the housing market... not so says Forbes Magazine.  According to article, the exit of the FED is not going to HELP the Housing Market... but they point to...
A little birdie told us last month that USDA Rural Economic was going to run out of money... and Wells Fargo, and probably some other banks too, stopped taking any USDA Home Loan Applications. (click here for more details) At the time... we were using about 100 million dollars in USDA Home Loans ...
The New York Times did an Optimistic Opt Ed piece today that had me thinking of material I recently learned at RETSO and from Jason Ryan Dorsey the Gen Y Guy.  The Times piece says that, "the fact is, despite all the problems, America’s future is exceedingly bright!" There are multiple reasons fo...
  These great homes with TONS of square feet qualify for USDA Home Loan Financing.  While it is true that USDA announced that it will be running out of money this month... we do not think this is will be a LONG TERM problem!  Great Homes, and great financing options!  Call us with USDA Mortgage L...

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