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  Todd Carpenter sent an update out today about REBarCamps.  It made me think about how many I've been to... and how few BICs Ive seen at them!  Mortgage Leaders and Real Estate Leaders who are NOT connected and don't get it are going to be left further and further behind in 2011.  That's my Pred...
I am trying to show some examples of BEST Practices in 2011... and I've ALWAYS thought that having a well written Profile (resume in some places) is the KEY to your online presence. I can't tell you HOW MANY PEOPLE I've pointed to Jeff Dowler's Profile.  When you read it... you know exactly what ...
There are a TON of Challenges and Encouragement to meet your 2011 New Year's Resolution... but none of them are as easy as this one from Bob.  AND he's paying 5000 points! Set Up Google Alerts... THIS is one challenge I can do! Yippee!  See you guys on February 11th!Whether they choose to acknowl...
As a long time Independant Mortgage Banker / Mortgage Broker - April Fool's Day 2011 has the potential to ROCK my world!  I've survived the last few years with changes that came SPEEDING by at 2 or 3 a day, and I'm sure I'll survive the Dodd Frank Bill Changes too... but what about the Consumer? ...
This is really good for people who are just kinda' starting out and want to get more people to notice their hard work! I really like the Bad Example and the Good Example of "Friends Don't Let Friends Pay 6%"Many of us have “Old School” advice drilled into us from Real Estate Agents of “yesterday”...

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