activerain: Activerain Gives "Active" Boomers The Advantage - 04/25/14 12:21 AM
On March 26th, I woke up in a different body... literally.  I had a stroke, and there are some pretty important lessons I've learned in the past month, that could change your life too.  
The  first thing I think everyone should know is that not all strokes leave you with the inability to talk, or with typical reflex problems- I was diagnosed first with an inner ear infection, and then with MS, before the 3rd MRI showed that it was in fact a stroke - nearly a week after it happened.  
If you (or someone you are caring for) have … (44 comments)

activerain: Best Profiles on Activerain? What Are Your Favorites? - 12/26/10 03:44 AM
I am trying to show some examples of BEST Practices in 2011... and I've ALWAYS thought that having a well written Profile (resume in some places) is the KEY to your online presence.
I can't tell you HOW MANY PEOPLE I've pointed to Jeff Dowler's Profile.  When you read it... you know exactly what his next 30 or 40 blog posts need to be about.  You know he's going to write about his area, about what that "life style" is like, and you know WHY all of those designations are important!  I love his profile (like the way he writes too).  … (14 comments)

activerain: RainCamp Charlotte is OCT 28, 2010 - Are YOU Ready? - 10/25/10 04:35 AM
We are coming in a Caravan from Raleigh!    I can't WAIT!  Ya WHOOOOO!!!  
Although you can purchase tickets (links below) to "premium seats" you can also come with just a minimum donation (like $5 bucks!)  It's a DEAL!
I'm planning on leaving Cary at Oh-Dark-Thirty on Thursday morning... If you want to go with us let me know!  Eleanor Thorne 919-649-5057 or DM me @isellmoney
RainCamp Charlotte is OCT 28, 2010 - Are YOU Ready? Coming to THE QUEEN CITY- Charlotte NC - October 28, 2010!  
So, are you headed to Charlotte for RainCamp?   We have quite a list of extraordinary members … (3 comments)

activerain: Something You Should Know About Me and GRITS! - 08/24/10 02:26 AM
On several of my profiles, it says "GRITS" - and if you know me, you know I'm a Girl Raised In The South... but there's more to that expression, and I thought I should share THAT part of GRIT with you.
The Conditioning Coach at UVa was quoted recently as he spoke about his freshmen:
“That’s been a pleasure for me. Each day they’ve come in and busted their butts in an attempt to get better. That’s been a breath of fresh air as opposed to what we saw from a general sense last year...
You know, the culture is changing. … (7 comments)

activerain: Techno Babble "Cheat Sheet" for Social Media Beginners - 10/16/09 02:32 PM
I taught a class yesterday for folks who are basically new to Social Media, and one of the things that struck me is their need to understand the LANGUAGE of Social Media. 
It's hard to be part of a conversation, if you don't understand half of the words that people are talking about!  As I think back to my initial immersion into this "stuff," I know my husband thought I was having an affair because I was spending so much time with my Laptop! LOL! All I was trying to do was figure out what people were talking about!
I am … (13 comments)

activerain: "Excuse-itis" What's Your Favorite Flavor? - 07/30/09 12:16 AM
We made calls yesterday to Real Estate Offices, and New Construction Subdivisions... and we got "Excuse-itis" everytime we got out of the car!  These places were all within 10 square miles of each other - so you would think the "health" of Real Estate in that little area would be relatively the same! 
At one stop, the Agents were B-U-S-Y!  I mean they were so busy no one has time to learn about using FaceBook to connect with past customers!  So busy no one has time to consider joining discussions on the hyper-local forums in thier office!  These folks were B-U-S-Y!... … (11 comments)

activerain: ActiveRain Navigational Issues....Please fix the Toolbar! - 01/13/09 12:18 AM
Could we get someone to look into this?  It makes getting around in the Rain PAINFUL!  Please re-blog this and see if we can get some attention to the problem!

I admit that I have not been on ActiveRain as much as I would like lately but I thought I was up to speed on all of the changes.  However, there are some issues that I have and I am wondering if everyone is having them as well so here is my list:
When I am on my Home Page I can not click back to the AR home … (8 comments)

activerain: A Year Later - How ActiveRain Changed My Life - 10/07/08 12:54 AM
Last weekend marked my one year anniversary on Activerain.  I can honestly's changed my life, and the way I look at things.  It's affected my confidence, and my "self talk."  I was introduced to it during an all day conference last September on "Using the Internet to Market Your Business." 
I've always been skeptical about marketing plans that did not start with "networking," and up until then, I thought that meant looking someone in the eye.  In our industry, tons of people make money by dialing for dollars or sending out postcards to people they've never met - but that's not the way I built my business...So … (30 comments)

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