student loan debt: Examples of People Who Bought A House - 04/11/19 02:26 PM
Someone asked me to write a Real Life Example of people who bought a house. We close over 50 loans most months, so that’s a pretty wide open request.  I’m going to take 3 real life examples of what some folks did to buy a house and see if that helps.  I chose to write about First Time Home Buyers.  All of them had to do something pretty remarkable to buy a house, but they DID IT.  These folks are now home owners.
If you have other scenarios you would like to see – please leave me a comment at the bottom!
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student loan debt: First Time Home Buyers with Student Loan Debt - 11/01/17 08:05 AM
There are some new guidelines coming in January for First Time Home Buyers with Student Loan Debt.  In January of 2018 Freddie Mac will begin requiring us to count either your Student Loan payment, OR .5% of the balance, which ever is higher  This is a change from the current guideline that allows us to consider the payment that is reported to the Credit Bureau.  We haven’t been able to count a $0 payment, but if you were on an IBR schedule with a payment of $21 on a $22,000 loan, we could count the $21 in your debt to income calculation.  … (1 comments)

student loan debt: PMI - Private Mortgage Insurance - 11/15/16 04:18 AM
If you’ve bought a home before, or have ever been around someone while they were in the purchasing process, you are probably both aware and afraid of PMI Mortgage Insurance. MI often has the power to make people roll their eyes– but it’s simply a tool that reduces the risk of a mortgage loan. Once you have read this, you’ll be an expert on how PMI Mortgage Insurance works, what the various types of coverage are, the PMI Mortgage Insurance Rates today – and how to make the most of it all.
I wanted to put out some information about various PMI … (1 comments)

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