real estate sales: Web based home inspection reports - 12/20/16 02:32 PM
Unique solutions for changing markets
Home inspections, like the real estate market have changed dramatically in the past 20 years. As technology advances and consumers become more web-savvy, there is a greater need for products and services that can keep pace.
Comprehensive web-based reporting systems such as HORIZON produce exceptional reports, published and hosted on the web for home buyers, sellers and their Realtors. This new generation of reports include fantastic benefits such as colour photos and illustrations, and links to relevant reference materials.
A Web-based Inspection Report provides… 
An easy-to-read format Colour photos and illustrations Clear navigation via index tabs Quick links to … (0 comments)

real estate sales: There's nothing down there... is there? - 12/20/16 01:33 PM
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Dear Homeowner,
Crawl spaces, attics, furnaces, electric panels... these are a few of the many places where a conscientious home inspector needs to venture, in order to perform a complete and accurate assessment of your house.
Please have your stairwell tidy and free of debris and obstructions, and leave plenty of clearance around the garage door, electrical panel and furnace. If your attic hatch is in a closet, we need to have clothing and other articles removed from the upper shelves, to afford access using a step ladder.
If you have a crawlspace under the house, and the hatch is not readily … (2 comments)

real estate sales: Mobile Homes... what to look for. - 12/20/16 11:50 AM
Mobile homes are usually mounted on grade-level wooden or concrete blocks, with the trailer wheels removed. They are typically skirted with vinyl or aluminum siding, or painted plywood sheathing. Mobile homes are sometimes installed on concrete block foundations, and it can be difficult to determine whether the foundations are mounted below the frost level, because the crawl spaces are normally back-filled to grade level. We've seen the odd mobile installed on a full-depth, finished basement. From an occupancy point point of view, there is essentially little to separate such installations from many other manufactured homes.
Mortgage lenders and insurance companies generally request … (1 comments)

real estate sales: Wood Burning and Real Estate Sales - 12/20/16 11:28 AM
Let's take a moment to consider the merits of WETT Inspections - and highlight an easier approach Sellers can take when it comes to wood stoves and fireplaces.
“WETT Inspection” refers to the inspection of any wood-burning system in a home. A WETT (Wood Energy Technology Transfer) certified professional assesses the system to determine whether it meets minimum requirements established by the applicable Code.
HOME INSPECTIONS: “A kettle of fish”
Anything beyond a Level 1 visual inspection is outside the Scope and Limitations of a Buyer’s home inspection - even if the home inspector is WETT certified. During a Buyer’s inspection, we are not … (1 comments)

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