wet windows: The three most frequently asked questions about air exchangers - 12/06/18 08:11 AM
What is an air exchanger, and what is it supposed to do?
An air exchanger, also known as a heat recovery ventilator (HRV) or energy recovery ventilator (ERV) is typically designed and installed to exchange the full volume of air in a home about four times every 24 hours. Modern air exchangers are also designed and installed to provide accelerated exhaust of air from bathrooms, kitchens and laundry areas when needed, all the while balancing atmospheric pressure indoors, by drawing fresh air into the home. 
Do I run my air exchanger in the summer, or just the winter?
Choose a suitable relative humidity setting … (0 comments)

wet windows: Wet windows? Read this. - 02/18/18 05:36 PM
Why does condensation occur on interior surfaces?Condensation can occur on any surface that is below the "dew point" of the air with which it is in contact. The "dew point" is the temperature at which condensation will occur for a given humidity level.
Inside Ontario homes in winter, the inside of the windows are the coolest surfaces. Condensation will typically appear there before it appears on other surfaces. Condensation is less likely to occur on interior walls, because they are typically warmer than "dew point."
Occasionally however, condensation may occur on cold spots such as nail heads, in corners of outside walls where … (1 comments)

wet windows: Fighting Frosty Windows - 01/01/17 01:52 PM
Windows let in light, and during winter they can also let in the cold, and they can be wet and frosty – sometimes encouraging the growth of mold, and damaging interior trim and finishes. Here's some tips on how to tame your windows and save money!
Why Do Windows Get Frosty?
During freezing conditions – and during periods of warm days and cooler nights, like late fall and early winter – windows of any age, type or style can condense moisture, if the interior and exterior conditions are right. Windows get wet when humid air comes in contact with cold windows, and if … (4 comments)

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