real estate: How to Create Your Must See Homes List - 11/07/19 07:53 AM
Admit it, you've looked at houses online before.  Your search history may be long or short, from looking at painting ideas,  or interior design, perhaps daydreaming about a new home or thinking about gutting your current one.  But at some point, you've hit the Internet and typed in "Houses in St. Charles" or whatever city you're looking at. 
Hunting for the perfect home is usually a time intensive activity.  The daydreaming of a new home starts often with a home builder floor plan, or perhaps a desire for a fresh view, or a fenced yard for a new fur baby.  Big life events like … (0 comments)

real estate: 4 Ways to a Faster Mortgage Payoff - 11/06/19 10:20 AM
As one of the biggest expenses in most Americans' budgets, a home mortgage payment is a tried and true way to make sure you pay yourself every month as a landlord. The added bonus includes a roof over your head and an endless list of repairs.  The joys of home ownership are never ending!
A typical 30 year mortgage will amortize thousands of dollars of interest across 360 months, but adding $100 extra every month can reduce your payments by several years.  Who wouldn't want 36 months of no mortgage payments? 
Unfortunately, more people spend 11 minutes taking an online quiz on what type … (3 comments)

real estate: Skip Foreclosure and Do a Short Sale Instead! - 11/01/19 10:33 AM
"Hello Foreclosure, today's the day!" says no one ever.
Foreclosure may seem far off when the first 90 day late notice lands in your mailbox. Mortgage lenders are often slow to respond to late payments and it can vary by lender.
In Illinois, a judicial foreclosure state, it can be a very long period of time between a 90 day late notice (pre-foreclosure) and the Sheriff knocking on the door to evict a home owner.  
In fact, banks prefer short sales over the lengthy foreclosure process.  Many lenders have relaxed their rules for what falls under a short sale requirement and some have even … (0 comments)

real estate: Buyer's Agents Work For Free* - 10/29/19 06:26 AM

Gather round, dear home buyers and let me share a story about the epic journey of home ownership.  Legend says when offered a free guide through unfamiliar territory, you should take it. 
If you're shopping online for that first home, or perhaps your dream home, or ready to downsize into a empty nest, you'll need someone to help you jump from daydreaming to actually making the dream a reality.  Just like talking about a mortgage won't make one appear, you'll have to put some effort into getting one, the same thing goes for home shopping. 
A local guide who speaks the real … (0 comments)

real estate: Is it Crazy- Selling a Home As-Is - 05/25/16 12:48 AM

What's a nice home like you selling As-Is?  That's a great question we often get from buyers.  Why are they selling this home as-is.  Wait, is something wrong with it?  
Home sellers have a lot of decisions to make, some pretty big, some a lot smaller.  By choosing to sell their home as-is, it may offer them relief when it comes to worrying about negotiations.  Home owners wonder, do I really need to fix this up just to sell it?  Is that a big waste of my money?  Many  feel selling as-is gives them less hassle and aggravation.
Remember, buyers can still do a … (4 comments)

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