About a month ago I attended an event with fellow Realtors where Libby Schaff, the city council member of District 4 discussed a few topics I wanted to share.   One topic that came up was crime. It’s sad we have a lot of crime in our city but what makes it worse is the need for reporters on TV ...
Tahoe is a great place for a little R&R when you need a break from the bay area. If you're interested in knowing more about rental properties for your next getaway, contact our Tahoe office at My biggest challenge was climbing a hill on the road for 45 minutes straight at an ...
Did everyone see this already?If not you might be interested in getting in at the ground level and helping this company figure out what would be a true incentive in our eyes are realtors. I'm sure they are targetting other professionals as well but it's nice to have your voice be heard once in a ...

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