liberty land: Whose Cows Are These? - 12/17/19 09:49 AM
 Welcome to Arizona where Open Range is the norm. Those are the ranchers’ cows. If you don't want them on your property, fence them out. If you don't want them in your gardens, swimming pools, etc. then fence them out with a PROPER fence as per either the State Trust fencing standards or the Public Land standard depending on what type of available range land is nearest to you.  
Generally speaking if you put steel posts every 18 feet and metal stays at least every 7 feet between those, you have a good start… then they say the bottom barb wire should be no more than 10 … (2 comments)

liberty land: What your Postman MUST do - SURPRISE!!!!! - 11/16/18 06:05 PM
We live rural and we have several part time neighbors who are gone for weeks at a time.  I learned something kinda shocking hanging out at the mail box....
Did you know that if your mail stays in your mail box for more than ten days without being picked up, that your mail carrier is supposed to pick it all back up and return it to the Post Office for another ten day hold.  If it is not picked up during that second ten days .... they are supposed to send all the mail back to sender!!!!!!! 
WOW - do not forget … (5 comments)

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