vacant land: Arizona Rural Ranch Gated Community - 07/30/20 11:45 AM
For our Realtors from other states not licensed to do busines in AZ, we are happy to offer a very generous referral fee.   
There is a tremendous amount of interest in these lots, and power will be delivered late this summer. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to view this unique offering. Give Elise Harron at Dirt Road Real Estate a call to set up your appointment today. voice: 623-229-4130 or text: 928-897-1364

vacant land: Whose Cows Are These? - 12/17/19 09:49 AM
 Welcome to Arizona where Open Range is the norm. Those are the ranchers’ cows. If you don't want them on your property, fence them out. If you don't want them in your gardens, swimming pools, etc. then fence them out with a PROPER fence as per either the State Trust fencing standards or the Public Land standard depending on what type of available range land is nearest to you.  
Generally speaking if you put steel posts every 18 feet and metal stays at least every 7 feet between those, you have a good start… then they say the bottom barb wire should be no more than 10 … (2 comments)

vacant land: What your Postman MUST do - SURPRISE!!!!! - 11/16/18 06:05 PM
We live rural and we have several part time neighbors who are gone for weeks at a time.  I learned something kinda shocking hanging out at the mail box....
Did you know that if your mail stays in your mail box for more than ten days without being picked up, that your mail carrier is supposed to pick it all back up and return it to the Post Office for another ten day hold.  If it is not picked up during that second ten days .... they are supposed to send all the mail back to sender!!!!!!! 
WOW - do not forget … (6 comments)

vacant land: Affordable Willow Creek 46 Acs Wells in Area Views - 09/30/15 07:51 AM


vacant land: 37 Liberty Acres of Hackberry Road Nice! - 09/30/15 07:32 AM


vacant land: Beautiful 38 Acre Treed Spring Valley Parcel - 09/30/15 07:05 AM


vacant land: As Well As Your Bug Out Bag, You Need a Piece of Land! - 09/18/13 04:58 AM
I am having the time of my life working with people who believe that they need a safe and securable location (interpretation vacant land) with water, good soil and livable climate. 
They all know what a BOB is - it is a Bug Out Bag - you can look that up it's all ove rthe internet.  But what doesn't "fit" into that BOB, is the location they are trying to get to!  They are trying to get to:
WATER -- you must have water to survive, and you must have water for a community if you plan to live there and … (0 comments)

vacant land: 160 Acres Windmill Ranch Horse Property Kingman AZ - 08/29/13 06:03 AM

vacant land: 38 Cedar Hills Acres Long Views Mild Climate - 08/29/13 05:58 AM

vacant land: 6 Acre Horse Property Lot Lazy Y-U Kingman AZ - 08/29/13 05:50 AM

vacant land: Buying Vacant Land from an INVESTOR? - 08/09/13 12:57 AM
Buying Vacant Land from an INVESTOR? Six Questions You Must Ask
      When you are purchasing land from an investor who knows NOTHING about the property that they now own, but want you to buy it from them, you need to be VERY INFORMED about vacant land sales.  So since you probably do not possess an extensive land background, here are 6 questions you MUST ASK.
     You will need someone who knows what they are doing to help you. This person should be able to say "Yes" to the following questions or refer you to someone who can. 

vacant land: Land Answers From Kingman to Seligman, Northern Arizona - 08/06/13 12:47 AM
Buying rural land is a challenge.  You need to know what to look for.  Here are some answers to five specific land questions.
How does the area along Interstate I-40 stack up? Land Answers From Kingman to Seligman, Northen Arizona

#1 -- Starting with the soil and the potential to be able to build on it.  Is the soil stable and can it absorb water or is it full of clay?  Most of the land along that strip is very buildable, stable soil and provides excellent soil for gardens etc. 
#2 -- Is there water? In much of Northern … (0 comments)

vacant land: Willow Creek Ranch 36 Acres Scenic Red Rock Parcel - 08/03/13 04:41 AM

vacant land: 5 Reasons to Live on Rural Land in Northern Arizona? - 08/03/13 02:26 AM

Living on Rural Land in Northwestern Arizona
Why would want to live on rural land in Northern Arizona?
Oh and this is only my top FIVE reasons why I live up here among the Juniper trees, the quail, the coyotes.
The stars!
The mild climate.
The peace and tranquility
The privacy.
The economy.  5 Reasons to Live on Rural Land in Northern Arizona?
The Stars --We are far enough away from any populated areas that we do not have the light pollution and when the sun goes down the stars are more than you can imagine.  Think about the number … (3 comments)

vacant land: Heavily Treed Private Willow Creek Ranch 36 Acres - 07/31/13 04:54 AM

vacant land: Ready Made Family Vacation Set Up 36 AC Willow Creek Well Solar - 07/31/13 04:40 AM

vacant land: Calling all Hunters...! - 07/17/13 11:13 PM
There is Still Time to Buy Rural Land for Hunting Fun!  The real estate market is  changing rapidly in Arizona.  In the last 6 months prices have risen dramatically and sales have increased. The land a Willow Creek Ranch is perfect for summer fun.  The rough terrain lends itself to exploring by horse, hiking, or on ATV's.  There are creeks and creekbeds, the old toll house canyon where cattle were kept for a few days on the long cattle drives so the cowboys could rest. 
I live on a small ranch within the Willow Creek working cattle ranch and love the country, … (9 comments)

vacant land: Instant House for under $30K - REALLY! - 03/12/13 12:04 AM
If someone told you they could drop ship you a house for under $30K you'd know for sure they were pulling your leg - right?
Well there is a whole new market here in the southwest, reposessed modular homes.  In our area there is a company which purchases reposessed modular homes, Repo Depot, refurbishes them and then sets them on thier lot to be sold to handy customers. 
You may have to replace the carpet, or possibly fix drywall holes, but you'll have a house set up, leveled, and affixed to your parcel for under a third of what it would … (1 comments)

vacant land: Can I put Solar Panels on my Panel Barn? - 03/05/13 10:43 PM
Absolutely YES, you can put Solar Panels on your Panel Barn!
All you need is a structurally sound roof that can sustain a typical "Snow Load" or a 5lb per sq ft structural integrity you are Good to Go!
Then if you are grid-tied, (have service from an electric utility) you just need a power panel in your barn you can add one 2-pole breaker into and WaLa you are ready to install and produce power.  I've saved the best news for last... if your barn is actually a subpanel for your house... then any extra power will first be used by … (2 comments)

vacant land: What is a Perc Test? - 03/03/13 12:54 AM
What is a perc test?
The perc test is performed when a highly trained technical person drives to your prospective property and locates the “spot” on the property where you are most likely to place your future septic.  He then digs a precise hole of a specific depth and dimension.  He pours an amount of water into that hole and carefully observes with a stopwatch how long it takes for that water to “percolate” into the soil.  That's why it is called a “perc test”.
What does a perc test tell you?
It identifies whether or not your soil drains … (3 comments)

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