no economic recovery: Why Our National USA AAA+ Rating Was Downgrade - 08/07/11 06:54 PM
Why Our National USA AAA+ Rating Was Downgrade   We got our national rating downgraded from AAA+ to AA+ some want to know why.  It is because we keep playing a Shell game look at the numbers below and maybe you will see that continuing to call an increase a cut is ridiculous.  Or the small amount that is cut will do nothing to stop the US crashing and becoming worthless.    We as a people we cannot let the politicians change the subject like a Corporate Jets tax, this nothing in this problem.  But does does have a place in a package with other … (18 comments)

no economic recovery: Jobless Recovery - 11/13/09 08:41 AM
Jobless Recovery?
What is a Jobless Recovery???  It is where we claim that he recession is over and that everything is back to normal.  Manufacturing, housing and retail sectors are back to business and we are fine. 
Are you kidding!!!
If I am out of work there is no recovery, being jobless is a very serious situation.  Jobs give us the money to spend to purchase the things that are made.  Houses, cars, groceries, goods, stocks, anything that makes this economy work.  How else could we have a recovery?  I guess if we were exporting goods to other countries and … (10 comments)

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