elite reva: Real Estate Virtual Assistants Can Help Agents Balance the REO Workload. - 03/07/08 08:37 AM
As a real estate agent, you know that the more BPO’s you accept, the more money you make and the higher your rating will become with the banks that offer BPO’s. But as an agent your time is valuable and the time you may want to devote to BPO’s is being spent in listing, marketing and transaction management. So if you are really interested in expanding your business into the realm of BPO’s, how can you do this?
Partner with a real estate virtual assistant to obtain more BPO’s and perfect your REO Marketing.
Did you know you can set … (3 comments)

elite reva: Questions about BPO's?? What A Real Estate Virtual Assistant Can Do - 03/07/08 07:22 AM
With the surge of foreclosures, more real estate agents are incorporating REO services into their business.  As they accumulate more, they are realizing that they need help to complete the BPO forms and the REO Listings.
I have been contacted by several agents over the past months that need this assistance.
But some are not sure how an online real estate assistant can help them.  It is important to be able to delineate the tasks that the agent is able to do and those that the assistant can do.  
For example, some agents contact me and state that they want … (7 comments)

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