advice for blogging: Ba BOOM! Cha Ching! I cheated! - 03/31/09 04:38 PM
Hello fellow Bloggers!
Did you know I teach TIME BLOCKING? I apologize that ActiveRain has been left out of the schedule in the last few weeks! I have to share with you that I have been....uhhhh...uhhhh.....this is hard...but I have been cheating on you!
I did not leave you AR but yes I was checking out greener pastures or really just looking for greener, thicker grass, trying to feel wanted and needed in places that were new to my blogging...
Do you know what I discovered? If you will even allow BBB Liz to share or if your eyes will ever cross the screen … (20 comments)

advice for blogging: Blog This: Blog That: Should you blog about non business matters? - 12/17/08 11:57 AM

I was recently asked if I felt people should blog about things other than the business they are in. My answer for what it is worth is ABSOLUTELY YES! Blogging is just another form of reaching out and communication. Blogging is the open door for you from making new friends (if you want more), gaining new business leads (if you need them) and for most of us a chance to celebrate, share, vent and pout. Of course the goals for your blogging should be to stay positive and help one another but … (5 comments)

advice for blogging: OH NO! I did not just lose that BLOG! - 08/18/08 03:26 PM
EEEEEK! Have just spent that last 30 minutes working on what I thought was a very informative Blog about Fair Housing Ads for my AR family...I was taught early on by the Best Blogger in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD - Not just the AR world but the whole wide world "Brad Anderson" to work on blogs in WORD and save them. Of course, I did not listen and logged right in to start on a fresh new thought on a 27 page list of words that I wanted to give you! My picture post is being blogged I mean BLOCKED for some reason and … (22 comments)

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