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Sacramento real estate and housing market, from Galt to Lincoln. Local observations about Sacramento restaurants, special events, music concerts and the Sacramento lifestyle, including great places to vacation around the world.



    My husband headed out of town last Thursday. As I watched his car pull away, it dawned on me. Shoot. I have been so busy working that I forgot to line up a home improvement project. He never knows when he leaves what he'll find when he comes back to our Land Park home except that I will have...
I never know where new business might come from, but I generally know why. Most of my business comes from one of two places: the Internet or referrals. I know that the reasons these people are contacting me are because they heard good things about me or they read my web site and are familiar wit...
Finding out if your prospective landlord is about to go into foreclosure is simply a good idea for any tenant who is contemplating renting. You don't have to wait until the Sheriff shows up at your door with an eviction notice. You can be notified immediately when a Notice of Default is filed by...
I realize the law giving homeowners the right to apply, if they are qualified, for an FHA refinance at 90% of appraised value -- today's value -- went into effect on October 1, but who is funding those programs? That's what I would like to know. I checked with my Sacramento class A FHA mortgage c...
As agents, we can talk to sellers about pricing the house right until we are blue in the face, but ultimately, the price a seller selects is the seller's decision to make, not ours. There are a ton of reasons why agents take overpriced listings, but the bottom line is the price rests with the se...
Here is a fact that my husband simply cannot understand: His wife does not like eggplant, especially the common globe type of eggplant. He can dip it in batter, fry it and bake it as a Moussaka, and I don't care how much sauce it's covered with, I won't eat it. Lately, he's been chopping up the ...
Thanks to California Attorney General Jerry Brown, an agreement has been reached with Countrywide's parent Bank of America to rescue an estimated 125,000 Californians from foreclosure. The terms are narrow, targeting owner occupants who took out from Countrywide Option ARM or subprime mortgages ...
At first glance, I thought a little girl had tried to etch her name into my driveway. At the bottom of the driveway, right next to the sidewalk, I discovered the letters L-I-L scratched on the cement. I asked my cement dude about it, and he assured me that when the driveway finally cures, it wil...
Thanks to Tom Braatz . . . I originally found this on Tom's blog and tried it out. Sent it to a couple friends, one of whom doesn't do much online, and she was totally astonished. I think it's hilarious. At the end of the video is a link where you can set up your own video and email it with your...
If you've always wanted to run your own business in Land Park, here's a chance to land your very own ice cream and coffee shop for $150. The catch? You have to write up to a 300-word story about why you are qualified to run this business and pay your $150 entry fee. The shop, "Here's the Scoop," ...

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