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My husband is the poor guy who gets to listen to me rant and whine about my business. That's primarily because the cats don't give a hoot when I share my day. To be honest, my husband doesn't really care, either, but at least he's smart enough to say, "That's too bad," rather than, "Here, let me ...
When my husband and I first moved to Land Park, my husband had his car stolen. A few years later, he almost had his bumper swiped right in front of our home, but the police scared off the thieves before the thugs could remove the last of 30-some screws. That's what he got for driving a Honda. So,...
It sounds unbelievable, doesn't it? A 4-bedroom home in the Land Park / Curtis Park area of Sacramento for $75 a square foot? Hey, it's for sale. I hate to burst your bubble, but it's a farce. How do I know it's a farce? For starters, homes in that area sell in the upper $300's -- on average abou...
I am working with a group of home buyers in Sacramento whom, for varying reasons, do not want to buy a home until this summer. But this is February, and they want to get started home buying. The most logical choice for this group is to pursue short sales. Why? Because the market is still falling ...
Buy some pot, fix the state budget deficit, say lawmakers in California. Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, a democrat from San Francisco, introduced Monday Assembly Bill 390. The bill would allow the sale of marijuana to anyone 21 and over and tax those sales, generating much needed revenue for the state ...
We were last at the Tower Theatre to see Slumdog Millionaire just before Christmas. I nominated Slumdog Millionaire in my blog as Best Movie of 2008, and was thrilled to see it win Best Picture and all the other Oscars, but the Best Actor nominations had me glued to the TV. Sunday, it was pouring...
Last week an agent called because she could not gain access to conduct a home inspection on one of my vacant short sale listings. The sellers had already moved out of town. Usually I try to get an extra key from my sellers, just in case an agent breaks a key in the lock, but I had no extra key fo...
When I heard the news this week that California new home buyers may receive a $10,000 tax credit, it sounded almost too good to be true. In some ways it is. Some web sites are giving out wrong information to consumers, leading California buyers to believe that they can receive an $8,000 tax credi...
There's a peculiar odor in the evening wafting through Land Park, and I'll be the first to tell you that's it's trouble with a capital T -- that rhymes with P and stands for pot. Well, not really. But a friend of mine walked out on my back porch, sniffed and exclaimed loud enough for my neighbors...
It's happened twice in the past week with Countrywide. Once is a fluke, but the second time is policy at that bank. Both of these short sales had different negotiators assigned, so it wasn't like we were dealing with one short sale negotiator who simply had a bad day. Countrywide's new short sale...

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