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Sacramento real estate and housing market, from Galt to Lincoln. Local observations about Sacramento restaurants, special events, music concerts and the Sacramento lifestyle, including great places to vacation around the world.



I'm crying the elliptical blues this morning. Ouch, ouch, ouch, oh, what's my penance: elliptical, why did I forsake you? We climbed to the overlook yesterday for Old Faithful. They say it's a half mile, but that's just to fool you into thinking it's a piece of cake. Let me tell you, it's more th...
We were informed that Yellowstone National Park had no Internet but that turned out to be a fallacy. While there is no Internet available at Old Faithful Inn, there is indeed WiFi service a few buildings over at Old Faithful Snow Lodge. The only problem is I might get mauled by a bear on my way t...
I had considered booking a reservation at a different hotel in town, a place that costs $1,000 a night. I figured we'd be here only one night so it might be nice to stay at a really swanky place. But when I figured out we would get to the hotel around 9 PM and be out first thing in the morning to...
I'm going to a place today that doesn't exist. Well, the place exists, but there is no such town. It's an area, a valley, not a city. That place is Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I'm obviously not a snow skier or I would know that. There is a town called Jackson, however, and we're spending tonight there...
Like Christopher Guest's Waiting for Guffman, I find humor in some situations that others don't find amusing at all. One of my favorites is when sellers feel offended because they are asked to make a decision to sell within a specified time period. Some sellers think that when they receive a purc...
When I stopped at the dry cleaners a few days ago, I was asked if I work at Lyon Real Estate. You know me -- I cut right to the chase. I said, "Let me guess. You want to know if my former CEO is a pot-smokin', peeping tom pervert? Is that what you want to know?" Lots of stammering, throat clearin...
Former California state Treasurer Phil Angelides conducted a daylong hearing in Sacramento yesterday of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission. As a Sacramento resident, Angelides most likely has intimate knowledge of how the market crash has devastated Sacramento. The hearing yielded testimony ...
We've got vultures in my neighborhood of Land Park, Sacramento. And I'm not just talking about those agents fighting in the streets after a listing presentation. Because yesterday brought us not only the first day of fall, but we're beginning our seasonal bird migration. This is the time of year ...
In the land of Sacramento short sales, there are days when it feels like I am a balloon artist -- blowing up balloons and squeezing them into animal shapes. I actually have a very close friend from Minnesota who lives in Texas and is a professional balloon artist. You know, you squeeze one end an...
Is every transaction getting harder these days? That's the question another Sacramento short sale agent asked me yesterday. I have to say it certainly appears to be true. It's not unusual in a short sale to draw a series of counter offers before finding a suitable and agreeable buyer. There are a...

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