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My day started out yesterday with a tug on the old heart strings. Yup, we watched the Jon Stewart / Stephen Colbert Rally to Restore Sanity and / or Fear. Just looking at the hundreds of thousands and thousands of supporters who filled Washington Mall brought me back to the March on Washington in...
My husband is one of the kindest and caring individuals on the face of this planet but sometimes he drives me nuts. He has a new policy of not putting out our recycling bin on trash pick-up day until the 11th hour. I used to haul all of our containers down to the curb around 5 PM the day before t...
Buyers don't care what you tell them as long as you tell them. That's my opening statement when I hand home sellers a package of disclosures to complete. It's the things you don't tell a buyer that can come back to haunt you, not what you do say. You take a neighborhood where I live and work like...
I get such a kick out of some of the phone calls I receive. Like, the ones out of the blue. Some agent in another part of California will call me, looking for a Sacramento short sale agent. Because I rank well in Google, it's easy to find my name. After a person sees my website, looks at my 40-so...
Nothing up my sleeve.  Alex Anderson died last week. He was 90. At the end of my days -- and by "end" I mean before I go to bed every night, not when I finally croak -- sometimes I play over the events of the day in my head on rewind. That's because things happen so quickly throughout the day tha...
I was reading another agent's blog this morning about dealing with a screwball situation and unreasonable demands. I made the comment that the icky part of the real estate business is when an agent has to choose between being honest and getting more business. Because sometimes when an agent tells...
Are the banks really stupid? Or are real estate agents stupid for thinking that banks are stupid? I can't count the number of short sale blogs I've read in which the agents are lamenting about the banks. Some of them yell at bank employees as though the employees don't have a lone brain cell ratt...
My mother used to tell me that if some guy told me he was no good for me, I should believe him. I like to think that much of my success in life, I owe to my mother. She was a smart woman. I was fortunate to be raised by her. But why are some people so darned gullible? I ask myself that question a...
There is only one thing I don't like about this short sale home in Elk Grove. The thing that bugs me is the fact I might have to drive back over there to take another photo. Because the tenants have decorated this home for Halloween. Which means if the home doesn't sell for some reason over the n...
Pricing a short sale is an art. Although I try to explain to sellers how I arrived at the suggested sales price, most of them don't really care. As one seller put it, she's just the Monopoly piece. Because it's the bank that decides on the short sale price. The bank makes the decision based on th...

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