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I am more excited today than I was the day I discovered I could buy sticky replacement keyboard keys to place over my worn out keys. That's because over the weekend I received a brand new desk, hutch and chair. A client gave it to me. She is moving from what was once almost a million-dollar home ...
I've had a theory for several years now, sort of lingering in the back of my mind, which I decided to test out this week. It involves buyer's agents who show short sales in Sacramento. See, for a long time now, I've been attaching a tip sheet and seller instructions to MLS for buyer's agents. The...
Authors and their public relations people are always sending me unsolicited books, hoping that I will review them. It's one thing to find time to read a book and it's entirely another to find time to review it. But every so often I will thumb through a book looking for little gems of knowledge. I...
Sometimes, I suspect I should not read the newspaper, especially crap about celebrities. Celebrity news makes me cringe. Makes me want to scream: I've got news for you, Charlie Sheen. You are not special. You are delusional. I think that attitude comes with years of being an alcoholic, but Hollyw...
Today, I'd like to share with you two enormous annoyances: Agents who promise to send offers and do not, and GE Profile refrigerators with an interior water dispenser. Until agents are holding a signed offer in their grubby little paws, agents should probably refrain from sending out emails or ma...
If you are trying to buy a short sale in Sacramento -- or anywhere in the country, for that matter -- unless it's a Wachovia short sale, you have no idea how much your mortgage rate will be. Sorry. You could try a loan lock for 90 days, but you'll pay for that privilege, so it's hardly worth it. ...
Some of you may wonder how banks figure out whether or not to accept a short sale offer. After listing and selling almost excusively short sales in Sacramento since what? -- 2005, 2006 -- I have it figured out. Any Sacramento short sale agent worth her salt knows how banks determine the sales pri...
Another Sacramento short sale seller emailed me yesterday, asking if Moi was interested in taking his listing. He didn't give his address, just his name. Being the resourceful person that I am, I checked him out before I called him. I asked what he was planning to do with the underwater home he o...
A client called me about his short sale on Friday, to talk about the chances of success our third time around with his bank and to thank me for continuing the fight for him. You see, sometimes banks say no, but they will say yes with the next offer. I think it depends on their menstrual cycle. So...
What's the next best thing to living within crawling distance of Trader Joe's in East Sacramento? Living within crawling distance of Trader Joe's in an updated duplex that you bought for less than $300,000, that's what. Not only that, but it comes with a couple of garages and extra parking. How d...

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