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This is how we've finally solved the cat tree problem at our home in Land Park. The problem is we've had multiple cat trees but only spots for 2 cats to sit, and we have 3 cats. We have a cinnammon-spotted ocicat named Pia. She is the cat on the bottom rung, but she rules the house. On the secon...
You know the scenario. You're driving along with the kids in the back seat who are poking and prodding each other, "Mooooommmm, he kicked me." Did not, did not. "Mooooommmm, he's touching me!" I'm sitting waaay over here. And then pretty soon you get the whine, "Are we there yet?" You look out th...
There are some jobs that I will never have. Yup, it's time that I admit it. When you reach a certain age, you come to the terms with that fact. It is the inevitable. For example, I will never be a bandleader for the Jimmy Fallon show, regardless of how much fun that has been lately and how jealou...
I read something online the other day that said the way to avoid negative crap in an agent's life is to stop reading the newspaper. The article went on to say that newspapers only report bad news to sell newspapers. It went so far as to repeat, and offered up as proof: "If it bleeds, it leads." W...
The Land Park Community Association was all for the cell tower going up west of Riverside in the cemetery. They didn't want the cell tower on the other side "where everybody could see it." That's because we don't want the wealthier residents of Land Park to be forced to stare at the cell tower. I...
Before I tell you how to work within SB 458 in a Sacramento short sale, let's first talk about Thanksgiving. I pride myself as a person who pays attention to detail. I would never, for example, just presume that simply because a restaurant advertises it features a Thanksgiving meal that you're go...
Some guy called me a few days ago demanding to know if I was writing about his company. He blathered on and on as if I knew him when I do not. I felt like saying: Hey, buddy, if the shoe fits, wear it. But no, because I wasn't sure who he was. The one thing I did know was he was getting angrier a...
Just because I have a fondness in my heart for doing Bank of America short sales does not mean I favor the bank over my sellers. Sometimes, sellers don't know which side their Sacramento short sale agent is on. But I can assure you that I am looking out for my seller. I do not work for Bank of Am...
We should protest how short sales are reported. That's the thought I woke up with this morning. How was it determined that it's OK for a lender to report adverse credit when the lender approves a short sale? By reporting a short sale as "paid in full for less than agreed," it has a bad effect on ...
Real stories about real Sacramento short sales brought to you by your Sacramento short sale agent, Elizabeth Weintraub. For every dragged out, convoluted, problem-child short sale in Sacramento, there are typically 2 or 3 that close with very few delays. For obvious reasons, though, those stories...

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