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Sacramento real estate and housing market, from Galt to Lincoln. Local observations about Sacramento restaurants, special events, music concerts and the Sacramento lifestyle, including great places to vacation around the world.



The crazy stuff that happens in real estate is enough to make a Sacramento real estate agent's hair curl, unless of course one is on vacation in Hawaii. While I am sitting on our wrap-around balcony, typing on my laptop, my team member Barbara's phone rings. We are informed that the neighbor next...
It seems like this month I've had more than my fair share of challenges with closing an escrow that doesn't want to close. There are many moving parts in an escrow, and the easiest place for all parties to focus on when an escrow can't close is the seller. Their initial solution is to ask the sel...
My financial adviser tells me her father spends about half the year in Maui. When he's at home in Sacramento, she says, her dad is all grouchy and grumpy. But when she talks to him from his home in Maui, he's happy, carefree and go-lucky. That's because everything is better in Maui, or at least t...
Yeah, and my team member, Barbara, is going to Maui with me. We are so excited. It will be a girls' getaway. We have reserved an oceanfront suite at Fairmont Kea and our limo driver should be waiting in baggage claim by noon. I can feel the effervescence of champagne now tickling the back of my t...
Don't believe all the crap you read online about USAA and short sales because it is not true. Well, except for what I have to say about it, ha, ha, ha. No, seriously, I just closed a Sacramento short sale with USAA in second position, a hard-money loan that carries recourse. It was a long, drawn-...
No matter what the topic, even if it's why a neighborhood in Land Park is better than other areas in Sacramento, you know that I will take a different point of view, just because that's how I am. I tend to think a few steps ahead, which is often what keeps me out of trouble, unless I share those ...
Some of you might be disappointed that I am not about to disclose the specifics about what set off my rant this morning, but I didn't do it because it serves no purpose. It would be singing to the choir to other real estate agents and it would be frightening news for our clients, and none of that...
Whenever you have a choice between being cruel to another person or taking the higher road, it's generally better to be nice. It doesn't necessarily make you feel any better because telling another person off is satisfying. Punching them in the face, like Piper Chapman on the last episode of Seas...
Probably the hairiest part of this year-long adventure in selling a duplex in Land Park was the end of it. I had advised the sellers upfront that this sale could take a while, given what they wanted for the property and its location. I didn't think it would take a year but that's what happened. T...
Over the past month or so, I've closed two homes in Sacramento that needed new roofs because the roofs were bad. I was able to get the roofs replaced before selling the homes at no out-of-pocket costs to the sellers and no hassles. We generally need to replace the roof before selling because ther...

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