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Sacramento real estate and housing market, from Galt to Lincoln. Local observations about Sacramento restaurants, special events, music concerts and the Sacramento lifestyle, including great places to vacation around the world.



Some of our real estate transactions create fleeting memories that hang around for a few days after closing and then we promptly forget all about them as they go POOF and something else takes over that position. It seems for me that it's the more challenging real estate listings that I seem to re...
There is an agent in my office who talked about the possibility of strangling himself with his tie, and that was on Wednesday and was not entirely in response to the Giants game on Tuesday. The agent was also upset about the MetroList Supra iBox upgrade, as we all are in the downtown Lyon Real Es...
You know what would make a good device for real estate agents to use? A translator app that could convert foreign languages into English and vice versa, so we could discuss complex real estate transactions on the phone instead of through email. Not all of my clients speak English. And I can't spe...
My husband is finally coming today from his family visit and boys' get-together in Chicago. He has been gone for almost two weeks, and I have had to fend for myself. It's been a challenge to fix my own meals and run the household without him. Of course, I haven't done anything really desperate li...
There are some listings I pick up and run with, which were once listed by another agent, where I just know the former agent was glad to get rid of the listing. It's often written all over it, and I can also sometimes hear it in the caller's voice when the seller first contacts me. It's like a six...
Some agent called me earlier this morning to say Wow, you are the first agent to answer her phone! Well, no shit sherlock, it was 8:15 Sunday morning. What did she expect from agents? Huh? Give us all a break. I am the only agent crazy enough to answer her cellphone. I'm just sitting here reading...
When I first heard that Sacramento is finally getting our iBox upgrades to the new bluetooth devices, I was really stoked, until I got the details. I had been waiting since last year for MetroList to make the announcement that the Supra iBox lockbox exchange was coming. So, naturally, I had to do...
I was really tickled pink a few years ago when my husband finally relented and bought himself an iPhone. He did not have a cellphone for years and resisted the idea. I would tell him, how in the world am I supposed to keep track of him without a phone? Well, that was probably part of the reason h...
I freaked my own self out yesterday when I discovered that I had already taken care of a situation that was about to arise a few weeks ago and had forgotten about my foresight. I didn't realize I had already handled the problem when I was presented with the situation. Once handled, out of my brai...
Another escrow closed yesterday. This was one of those rare Sacramento short sales that we started at the end of June but they all eventually close. Three to 4 months, start to finish on average because they all seem to have 2 loans and they are all HAFA. Knock on wood, I haven't had any fallouts...

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