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I do not need an excuse to dine at Ella Dining Room and Bar, although it is tough to get a table, almost impossible, without an advance reservation. Same day is a royal PITA. But lunch is generally open, although I make reservations for lunch, too, just to get the points on Open Table, the points...
When I re-read the part in my personal blog on my personal website today about four Sacramento real estate agents trying to open a SUPRA iBox with Bluetooth technology, I was reminded of course of the joke: how many agents does it take to open a MetroList lockbox, but I wasn't gonna go there. Bec...
Just when I think my day can't get any better, with my ISP on the blink, my iBox not working, the fact I have to make a special one-hour trip this afternoon to pick up Lactated Ringer's solution, which is on a nationwide shortage list -- none of that is going to ruffle my great attitude. Not even...
A tenant at one of my listings sent me a text message a while back warning that I better be careful about how I communicate with her if I wanted good reviews. That kind of threw me for a loop because I don't work for the tenant, and I certainly wasn't asking her for a review. Then it dawned on me...
When we first bought our home in 2002, we were so excited -- OK, make that I was so excited, my husband was just going along with the idea reluctantly -- that we were moving to California. I preferred a home that needed a little bit of work because I like to do home improvement projects and don't...
Overall, The Oscars was pretty boring last night, except for a few isolated highlights. Applause all around for Patricia Arquette's speech upon acceptance of her award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. It's important for those of in the public eye to continue to support issues that are so of...
People sometimes ask me how I can cross over into other counties to sell homes in the Sacramento Valley, yet county lines, for the most part, don't mean all that much. I live in Land Park in Sacramento, which is about 6 blocks the way the crow flies to West Sacramento, which is in Yolo County. It...
Out of curiosity the other day, I looked up a listing that I had passed on taking to see whatever happened to the home. It's still on the market. No surprise there. The sellers did not want to finish painting the house. They said the buyer could do it. Yet, these very sellers desperately need to ...
Although still a little sluggish this morning, a day of rest in bed did me a world of good, and I think my experience with the flu is just about over. I can't believe I got sick. I never get sick. I stay away from germy little kids, I wash my hands after meeting people, and I try to keep my finge...
Isn't it funny how when you think back to the jobs you might have had as a kid in your 20s and how, no matter what, you had all of these sick days? You probably used every single one of those sick days. I can't think of any previous job where I wasn't sick a lot. Probably sick of working, if you ...

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