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I thought when I sat down to write my blog today that I would talk about our trip to Florence, Oregon, and share all the photographs of that adventure, including the darlingtonia, but the other side of my brain had a different idea this morning. So I just went with the flow. As you know, we have ...
Not every Sacramento Realtor will cancel a listing upon request. It's always been my policy because, let's face it, the door swings both ways. Sometimes I discover off-kilter sellers I don't want to work with, and maybe their quirks, let's call them, were not evident in the beginning. Besides, wh...
It is early Sunday morning on my birthday, no less, and I got up early to write a blog about my open house today in Colonial Heights. It is one of four open houses I am holding open today, although I am sitting in a living room overlooking the Pacific Ocean, with the pounding surf below my window...
If you've been pounding the pavement trying to find an affordable home in good condition in the Med Center for sale, look no further. This home was built in 1923 and reflects all of the character and charm of that era. I feel sorry for homes that have original architectural detailing and owners o...
All hell broke loose this morning when I booted up my computer. My hopes for a quiet Friday took a different turn and instead I received yet another no-advance-notice lowball offer (why-oh-why don't they call first and save the headache?), followed by a crazy demand on an another AS IS sale by wh...
I recall a dear friend in the Active Rain community who once said she carries, on average, about 15 listings at a time, and if her clients want to sell a home, they need to wait for her to free up her schedule. She decided that 15 listings was her maximum. I'm sure that system works well for her,...
When a home doesn't immediately sell at the price a short sale bank has preapproved, sometimes buyers think that after the home sits on the market for a while without any offers that the bank will see the error of its ways. I'm not sure where they get that idea. The only thing I can figure out is...
Why don't people think about consequences in advance? Or recognize patterns that can happen after a situation is in play? I think it's because we're all wired differently. My husband would tell you it's because some of us like to argue, but see, I would disagree. Of course. I prefer to call it ex...
Ever since I saw the previews on South Park for The Book of Mormon, I've been dying to see the musical. Well, not literally dying, although I did visit the LDS Temple in Sacramento when it was open for public viewing in the summer of 2006, simply because it's a magnificent structure. Just standin...
Well, I can't save any of you because it's over now, yet I thought you might find it interesting to hear about Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, much like you may love to hear about a whiny-ass buyer who doesn't believe the pest company did its job correctly when evidence of past leaks under the kitche...

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