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Over the past few years, I have noticed Sacramento real estate slowing down quite a bit throughout July. Sales don't really start to move much until we get closer to Labor Day, although sellers and buyers still conduct business, just not as much. Which means that it is a good time of year to plan...
My rant, er discussion, today is what happens when Sacramento buyer's agents do not read MLS instructions. I'm not entirely sure what they look at. Maybe it's the sales price? I can put into the confidential agent remarks: please do not call "name of team member," call Elizabeth with questions, a...
Experience alone is not a qualifier to weed out the bad buyer's agents in Sacramento from the good. Oh, sure, you'll hear arguments, some quite sound, about why an agent with experience is typically better and how clients can avoid the mistakes that agent has already made. But you can also get an...
I know there are agents who won't take a listing from a seller who canceled on them, but with me I often tend to forgive. Probably because I do so much business that I can't recall what they were upset about in the first place. It couldn't have been too bad, though, if they came back and asked me...
Although I have returned home to Sacramento from our trip safe and sound, I still have to sit at the hair salon today for 4 hours or so to get my hair done. Which means I am bringing my iPad and my cellphone, and I'll be busy selling Sacramento real estate in that chair -- no time to read trashy ...
When I lived in Minneapolis, what many refer to as the Twin Cities nowadays, we always knew there was another town on the other side of the Mississippi River, which divided the two cities, but when you're from Minneapolis, you don't really think much about it. Unless you're from Saint Paul, and t...
I hate to see dogs tied up. I realize sometimes you can't help it, though, especially if your dog is with you when you decide to stop at a restaurant to eat. It's certainly better to tie up your dog and leave a bowl of water for your pet than to lock the poor thing in a car like some morons manag...
My husband and I sometimes talk about where would be the best place to live at retirement. Neither of us are from Sacramento, and I prefer the ocean over just about any place inland. Homes along the coast in California are extremely expensive, even a small home, and although prices are better in ...
It was another wonderful day of trying to regain cellphone coverage in Yachats, Oregon, when all of a sudden my phone went on the blink. No cell service whatsoever. Give me a heart attack. This was just before I received a text message from my carrier that said I had run out of all of my roaming ...
July 1 was by all practical means just another fog-filled day, soon to burn off my lunch time in Oregon, but for many of its residents, it was a day they had been waiting for for a long time. The day of legal possession of marijuana in Oregon. And to think that my husband and I were present to he...

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