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Everybody needs a little vacation from a vacation in my world. If not for the time zone change alone when you've traveled a long distance but for the realization that the hamster wheel is spinning and it's time to jump aboard. After I get back to work, I always feel recharged and roaring to go af...
When I was in grade school, we were constantly being apprised of the future and what lie in store for us through well meaning predictions, some of which came true, like condos, and some of which did not, like hover cars. Then came the 1970s and the easy-to-get jobs such as those in the assembly-l...
By now probably everybody has read about the agent in Elk Grove who was kidnapped yesterday. News like this spreads like wildfire throughout the real estate community because we are all potential victims in one way or another by doing our jobs, and because we feel such a close kinship to other ag...
Without going all woo-woo on you, let me say that sometimes things happen out of the blue at exactly the right time, and you might wonder why. I know I do when it happens. Like money showing up out of nowhere just when you need it. Have you ever had that happen because I surely have. I recall yea...
It's a sorry state of affairs and sad news that you're about hear, but the way of the mini bar, the American resort hotel expectation and nicety, is reaching its end of life cycle. No longer do most hotels even maintain a mini bar. If you want a snack, you're going down to the lobby cafe or down ...
The general manager of the Molokai Hotel assured me last night that the restaurant, which is presently under re-construction, will be ready in 8 weeks, or at least by Christmas, and he guarantees it. Emphatically. Which will most likely make a huge difference in the experience at this hotel; I ca...
In explaining to my sister a new blog I wrote and how I imagine there are certain people who will take offense to it and write to say how horribly insensitive I am to make fun of dead people and those who grieve -- which provides the upside of delighting me to no end that I am NOT those people --...
My husband is forever correcting people who call a "death notice" an "obituary." But people don't know, and he shouldn't try to hold them accountable when they don't work for a newspaper. Yet he is right, a death notice vs a obituary are two distinct types of published information in a newspaper ...
The muffin I am eating for breakfast says on the wrapper that it has 220 calories per portion and serves two, so I am consuming 440 calories in a lousy muffin when for that amount I could be stuffing Black Forest German Chocolate cake with Devil's Food Frosting down my throat. But it is food, so ...
Stumbling upon, quite unexpectedly this morning, the snack machine on the path to other rooms at Hotel Molokai was a sheer surprise. Tucked away under a hut. Why, we have Molokai coconut water available for a buck, ten, and let's not forget those tasty goldfish treats, cholesterol-free yogurt nut...

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