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Sacramento real estate and housing market, from Galt to Lincoln. Local observations about Sacramento restaurants, special events, music concerts and the Sacramento lifestyle, including great places to vacation around the world.



With some homes in Sacramento, it's very easy to manipulate the situation in order to sell a home for more than list price. Of course, an obvious way to do that is to price the home low, below market value, and try to stir up a feeding frenzy, but that kind of strategy can also backfire. Many hom...
Asking a person to make your situation whole again because a person said no to you is crazy nuts, but it doesn't seem to stop people from making stupid requests. When you hang out with mostly normal people all day, which includes other real estate agents in Sacramento, one tends to overlook the f...
I hear this at times from buyers: it's not worth what you're asking, as though an opinion from the peanut gallery holds any water in Sacramento real estate. For starters, home buyers are not experts. They often barely tour only a handful of homes in Sacramento before making an offer, and at that ...
As Barbara and I were sitting in the front row, watching The Yardbirds run onto the stage last, we spotted an older heavy-set fellow with a cane, slowly making his way to the microphone. Somebody behind us gasped, that's Mick. Barbara and I both looked at each other like, oh, my gosh, we hope tha...
You know who thinks agents make too much money? People who don't make that kind of money. People who have never been in the real estate business and sit on the sidelines watching the tennis game and believing they can play tennis. It looks so easy, you know. Bounce a ball and whack it. How hard c...
You can find a really popular blog on my personal website about where to find rentals in Sacramento that will take a dog or a cat. People read that blog and automatically assume that agents in Sacramento will help them to find a place to rent. Agents in other cities help tenants. Agents in Sacram...
The interesting story about this listing is I met with the sellers a few months back while they were working on fixing up three homes they had inherited. I talked with them about the types of improvements they should make, offered a few contractors, discussed pricing, and they indicated when they...
We have characters in Midtown, people who are homeless but have become such an institution in certain neighborhoods, such a part of the landscape, that they are regarded as part of the community by residents. It's not uncommon for people who live in Midtown to know the names and habits of many ho...
A potential new resident of Sacramento called from the Midwest last night to talk about a possible relocation to Sacramento. I listened to her describe needs, where she lives now, her expectations of a home, things that would drive her crazy if she doesn't have them, the type of job she is interv...
Last month I said goodbye to my brother, and this month it looks like our diabetic cat Pica is not going to make it much longer. We have him on buprenorphine to ease his pain. I read a web article that says buprenorphine is 30 times more powerful than morphine. We are still fighting with the IRS ...

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