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Sacramento real estate and housing market, from Galt to Lincoln. Local observations about Sacramento restaurants, special events, music concerts and the Sacramento lifestyle, including great places to vacation around the world.



Ever since the first blinky blinky green curser in Freenet, I have been in love with the internet. It is especially wonderful for Sacramento real estate because almost everything I do is completed online. It is where we advertise, showcase homes, talk with other agents andĀ  ourĀ  buyers and seller...
Prior to my new listing yesterday (which was a RedBelly client reaching back out to me after realizing the error of his ways), a reporter for Bloomberg News, interviewed me for a RedBelly public relations piece. The reporter probably felt his research was a journalistic effort to tell a balanced ...
Now, I am not talking about your regular, run-of-the-mill screwballs who often pop up in Sacramento real estate transactions; oh, no, I am talking about the viscious and subdued furious, the hateful people you can't easily recognize. It's one thing if a guy comes to you and admits: look, I've got...
This seller I met with yesterday has lived in the same home for the past 25 years. It was immaculate. I looked at his stove and asked why he doesn't cook. He says he cooks all the time. There was nothing that needed work in this house. No chips in the ceramic tile, no scratches on the walls, no s...
Probably the worst pest inspection I've ever attended in Sacramento was about 10 years ago when the inspector opened the attic door and rat droppings fell on the heads below. Note to self: do not look up when you watch a pest inspector open the attic. You never know what might fall out. The inspe...
You can always tell when a new real estate seminar has happened at some of our local hotels in Sacramento because suddenly the phone calls from eager investors begin to flood my phone. When I try to explain how the short sale and foreclosure market works in Sacramento, and why it is advantageous ...
I swear, there are agents in the Sacramento real estate business right now who are not adapting to the way the business is moving, which means 5 to 10 years from now, those agents will either leave the business or their production will be severely reduced. Some Sacramento Realtors really do not l...
Some agents are their own worst enemies. I know you guys know exactly what I mean. The agents who call the listing agents, especially in multiple offer situations, and are extremely rude, demanding and they present a superior attitude, noses in the air. They wrongly think force will win the day a...
You cannot ever imagine the incredible pain of wrestling with the decision of whether to put a cat to sleep, euthanize him, when he seems perfectly fine. It's much easier to do when your cat is almost dead. Quite another when he silently suffers. Pica came to live with us 14 years ago as a throw-...
Is your refrigerator running? As a kid, I used to love to make prank phone calls and ask random people that question, just so I could say: well, you better go catch it, hang up and erupt into fits of laughter. How long ago was that? OK, I did that again just last week. Maybe not. Maybe I thought ...

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