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This bird is a type of partridge called a Gray Francolin. I noticed it because it was screaming bloody murder at the top of a fence post along the Ka'anapali Beach Walk trail that passes between the ocean and the Ka'anapali Golf Course. When I stopped to observe it, I noticed a group of Gray Fran...
My travel agent put together some sort of "island romance" package for my vacation from my vacation in Hawaii. It was meant for 2 people because the travel company cannot seem to fathom that one person might stay at the hotel. I mean, who in her right mind goes to Maui for several weeks by hersel...
Since Hella Rothwell was so kind as to find a way to fit a visit with me in Lanai into her holiday plans, the least I could do was offer to treat her to lunch at the Views at Manale Golf. After all, she flew from Honolulu, and I hopped the Maui Ferry to Lanai from Lahania to meet up at the Four S...
Well, I am up to watch the sunrise this morning, much as I am not facing east, and the island of Lanai is enrusted in darkness. This is much too early to be awake and working in Maui. It's also a good thing I did not rely on my stupid clock radio next to my bed to wake me up. I clearly set the ti...
I struggled with the headline of my new blog below about birds in Maui because I didn't want readers to think the birds were dead. Then I decided that was a creepy interpretation and people aren't that stupid. But you can't under-estimate the stupidity of other people. There are a lot of stupid p...
It seems that if I crave a truly exceptional dining experience, I will need to drive 3 miles into Lahaina as my restaurant options are somewhat limited here in Ka'anapali. On the one hand, I really like the idea of walking out of the back door of my hotel, finding myself on the beachwalk, and kno...
Over the years, I've found that many buyers prefer an inside-court home in planned communities like Laguna Big Horn over having a home directly facing the street. It makes them feel more secure and tucked away, I suspect. Most likely less noise from traffic. I've wondered about that because it se...
The meal presented to me at the Ka'anapali Beach Hotel (above) looked like something my mother made for dinner in the 1950s. Not that there is anything wrong with home cooking and comfort food, but it's not exactly what I had in mind when I wanted to splurge on an upscale meal. Since I'm on my wo...
There are times when I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that sellers I'm talking to are wary of Sacramento Realtors, especially when the previous agent they had been working with failed to perform. It's a huge disappointment for them, I get that, and they are concerned that the next agent will do ...
Dear Twitter:I have been a member of your community for 10 years, and you may not realize this, but it's come to my attention that people are using Twitter as click bait. They write a few words and then link to their website. This annoys me to no end. I don't much for care for the hashtags, eithe...

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