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Sacramento real estate and housing market, from Galt to Lincoln. Local observations about Sacramento restaurants, special events, music concerts and the Sacramento lifestyle, including great places to vacation around the world.



 People think we get Sundays off in Sacramento as a Realtor, and I suppose on some planet somewhere else in the universe this is true, but here in Sacramento, unless it's a major holiday, there is no such animal as a day off. There are times that Sundays are our busiest day of the week. We've got...
 Ha, I know you look at that title and you're thinking she's gonna talk about Kistler Vineyards again, but nope. No toasting going on here with expensive vintages. I'd like to discuss the toaster, that thing that sits in the corner on your countertop, which you may barely recognize since you're a...
 Don't you love it when you run across a little gem online that helps you to improve your life? I thank Kathy Streib for tipping me off to Huggable Hangers. Because I live and work pretty much in a vacuum -- ask anybody who knows me well, I spend almost all of my time working as a Sacramento Real...
 It is Friday, so it is time for a new listing. Now, let me preface this by saying, please don't take my "vision of white" listing the wrong way. I'm not talking about anything expressly religious or remotely racist, so don't even go there. The interior of this home is mostly white. By that I mea...
 When I speak with sellers about maximizing their profit potential when home selling, I am serious about the maximum profit potential. So analytical about it. Because I feel as though it is my job to get my sellers the highest price possible. To do anything less, to me, is not providing full serv...
 Little is worse than some twerp who is so certain his client is correct, except perhaps when that person applies the same logic to himself. It's as though some are barely capable of going from A to B and you expect them to navigate from A to B to C, hop over D, land on E, spin around and go back...
 While back on market is not always the kiss of death, it's often close enough to it. It's like a week after the housekeeper has cleaned your house. It's not pristine but perhaps still presentable. The listing is not new and exciting, it's a second helping of buttery mashed potatoes, good enough ...
 It stands to reason that the longer a company is in business, the cheaper it might manufacture its products. I mean, corporations are expected to increase bottom-line profits for shareholders. If the company is not increasing sales nor laying off employees, sometimes management eyes the product ...
 When I met with my new clients in Glenbrook yesterday, a subdivision in Rosemont near Sac State, we talked mostly about them. For starters, they have the coolest surname. It's the kind of name you always wished you had as a kid. It would have elevated your status, no doubt, in elementary school ...
 You could blame much of the poor communication skills we see in the real estate industry on cellphones. Agents squinting to read that tiny type, unable to scroll with one thumb, standing over the toilet with their cells while trying not to fumble them into the sea. I can tell you, as a Sacrament...

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