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Sacramento real estate and housing market, from Galt to Lincoln. Local observations about Sacramento restaurants, special events, music concerts and the Sacramento lifestyle, including great places to vacation around the world.



In Kona, Hawaii, we don't have home meal delivery. It's like a throwback to the days of my childhood. The only food item you can get delivered to your house is pizza or whatever Pizza Hut sells.Back at home, though, as people become more cocooned, Sacramento meal delivery appears very enticing. N...
A favorite expression of one of my ex-husbands (who is dead now, I should add) is "pioneers get arrows in their backs." He wasn't necessarily a pioneer, although he liked to think of himself that way. He was a guy who smoked too much pot and was crazier if he stopped taking his meds. He was half ...
The skeptical people in the world think everybody else is too trusting, and the people who trust everybody think skeptical people are too negative. There's probably a little bit of truth in both points of view. But as a skeptical person, I'd be hard pressed to lean toward the negative side. In fa...
An associate who also writes for the same website that I do -- except I am the homebuying expert and he writes about home improvements -- noted some of my comments as a Sacramento Realtor in an article about hardwood floors. Well, he spelled my name not as Elizabeth, which is my name, but as Liz....
The first time I legally moved to California, I drove my Datsun B210 up a ramp and into a Ryder truck, which I had also filled with all of my wordly possessions. This was 1976. Then I drove said Ryder truck to southern California, alternately taking turns driving with my girlfriend. Well, until s...
There are some sellers I have been working with since last spring to get their homes ready for the market, and next month we are moving into our winter market. I define our winter home selling market in Sacramento as November through January. These are the months, btw, that will become the comps ...
When I get potential clients on the phone, I tend to ask a lot of questions and I relay a bunch of information. My purpose is to find out more about their situation, what they hope to accomplish through their own objectives and goals, the timeframe. Then I can deliver information best suited to t...
It is becoming increasingly apparent that I have no concept of time passing. Things that I might think have happened only yesterday actually happened many years ago, and things that I think happened a long time ago occurred just last year or even yesterday. Supposedly children give a person that ...
Before I was a top agent in Sacramento, I used to look at the statistics for annual sales production and figure I'd never get into even the top 100. It's not that I had a defeatist attitude as some of you might think, it's just that it wasn't really important to me. I'm disclosing this little tid...
Searching for a photo of the Mexican desert yesterday, I ran across this photo of me from 2007 in Cabo San Lucas. This is when I realized I have changed since then. More wrinkles, less hair. But there is one thing that has not changed, and that's my attitude, including the fact it's important to ...

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