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Home sellers always want to know what they can do to make more money on the sale of their home. Some sellers might even be glued to a certain sales price, a number they roll over and over in their minds. Often, that number is not based on reality but on a future wish, a desire, a hope, a zestimat...
This morning a seller emailed to share her thoughts about the CMA I sent to her. This is the comparative market analysis, reflecting market conditions and suggesting a listed price. The seller felt the price was $100,000 too low, and said she really needs that extra $100K to move out-of-state, ev...
When I was in my 20's and 30's, I did not think much about the future. The only date I really gave serious consideration to was where would I be on December 31, 1999. As far as aging goes, I also pictured myself in a rocking chair on a rickety porch of an old house in the mountains somewhere, wit...
There are quite a few first-time home buyer programs available that will help buyers with closing costs. However, they generally add an extra layer to the mortgage process. Could involve attendng a class for first-time home buyers. And sometimes these loans need to be repaid at a future date.Not ...
When buying a home in Sacramento during a seller's market, it's not as easy as just writing an offer. Often, a buyer needs to "sell" herself to the seller. She may need to give the seller a better reason to choose her offer over other offers. One of the rules of sales is to avoid presenting infor...
This subject reminds me of sellers from last fall who refused a full price offer. They did it by countering the offer. Now, their home faced the freeway, of all things. You could watch from the front yard the big rig trucks and strings of cars whizzing by overhead. The location was noisy and visu...
A West Sacramento seller I've been talking to since early March, which was two trips ago while in Hawaii, has now decided to sell. He owns a pool home in West Sacramento, one of my favorite specialities to sell. That's because people who are buying a pool home generally have their hearts set on a...
Home buyers in Sacramento face a tough decision when it comes to choosing between building a house or buying a resale. Many buyers today want newer homes with all the upgrades. They are particularly attracted to SMART homes so they help to conserve energy, reduce global warming, and run homes fro...
In many ways, reviewing offers on a future date makes it much easier for a Sacramento listing agent and her seller. However, that tactic can also backfire in so many different ways, which is why I would like to discuss this concept today. It sounds very appealing to tell a seller she can list her...
Fortunately, for this Sacramento Realtor, my company, Lyon Real Estate, maintains 17 offices throughout the Sacramento region, so I can pop in to meet clients at any of them. However, I imagine in the next decade all of that will or probably should change. Brick and mortar is so 2005. At least no...

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