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Holy cow, I shot so many photos of the celebrations on Saturday for King Kamehameha Day on the Big Island that I pretty much had to split up the day into two separate blogs. Aside from the Parade, there was a lot more stuff happening at Hulihe'e Palace. Music, hula performances, food, beverages -...
Finding a parking spot for the King Kamehameha Parade in Kona was a big concern but my friend, Linda, who is from Roseville, California, said she would drive. She knew a place to park. Turns out it was a lot I had parked in a couple of years ago where the Kailua Village Artists store is located. ...
Somewhere I read an interview with a bunch of agents who work in Sacramento who told the reporter we are not suffering from a market of low inventory. That our low inventory was somehow a hoax, made-up or a misperception. I have no idea where they would get that goofy idea. We definitely have low...
Most home buyers in Sacramento are somewhat hardpressed to find an affordable home in Sacramento under $250,000. If they do, it is probably not a 3 bedroom home in Sacramento. And it might be very small or located in a fairly lousy location or need a ton of work.This 3 bedroom home in Sacramento ...
I imagine most people never replace their bath tubs because what can go wrong? Most bath tubs don't suddenly break apart, unless, of course, you are unfortunate enough to have one of those fiberglass or acrylic bath tubs. Especially those one-piece tubs with seams that can separate. Or, you live ...
When I first got into real estate, in the 1970s, we were taught to never do a price reduction on a home. Because once you reduce, buyers wonder how much further you will go. In some ways, I still follow that format. However, real estate in 2018, particularly where I sell in Sacramento, is a lot m...
This thought process is right up the alley of Debbie Gartner, and I thought maybe she had written an article about it but could not find it. It is probably included in something she has done about luxury vinyl plank flooring. Although I don't know why they refer to vinyl planks as luxury vinyl pl...
Like I mentioned in my personal blog this morning, I generally hold open houses because my clients expect that service. It's an activity. A busy motion. An investment of time. And it's OK. Some areas of Sacramento attract a lot of buyers and other areas do not. Just depends where the home is loca...
One of the decisions we had to make when we decided to buy a vacation home in Hawaii was not only what island but what side of the island. There is a lot to be said for living on the eastern side of Big Island, a lot more lush vegetation, but it also has an active volcano. Getting insurance for a...
It can happen to any Realtor, and the more transactions an agent closes, the more often it is likely to happen. I'm talking about what happens when a Realtor does not like her client. Should she continue working with that client? What if the agent starts out working with a spouse, say, the wife, ...

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