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Sacramento real estate and housing market, from Galt to Lincoln. Local observations about Sacramento restaurants, special events, music concerts and the Sacramento lifestyle, including great places to vacation around the world.



You would not think crooks would want a lot of exposure by trying to break into a home for sale in Sacramento. What, with the big ol' honkin' sign in yard, announcing it is for sale, to the stream of traffic flowing in and out, there is a lot of activity. Agents accessing lockboxes, traipsing in ...
It is bad enough that after every closed real estate transaction, the mortgage broker on the other side -- the guy who represents the buyer, mind you, when I represent the seller -- decides to include my email address in a personal marketing scheme. They all tend to do this. It's complete spam to...
In one of my articles about buying a home on TheBalance, you will read about the Red Shoes concept of home buying. Women know what I'm talking about. You go into a mall to buy a pair of red shoes. Oh, my gosh, you cannot believe your good luck because right there in front of you in a display case...
When preparing a home for the market, I often spend hours and hours with my sellers, making sure their home is the picture-perfect dream home when we go live in MLS. I agonize over words I use to describe as much as the sellers obsess over each nail hole they forgot to fill. Even the directions a...
With listing agents, it is very clear which agent is the listing agent. With buyer's agents, it's not always so clear. A potential home buyer who handed out a one-star "review" was insulted that I would not continue a conversation with him and provide more free advice. I had already told him, num...
 The relationship a buyer's agent maintains with a listing agent throughout an escrow tends to set the pace for future interaction. I'm not saying listing agents all have long memories, nope, that's what the Bad Agent File is for, heh, heh. In my business, I deal with way too many agents to recal...
So often when I write about my day in blogs, I get rather technical. All hung up on some legal point or some new maneuver I've figured out to bypass an annoyance. While it doesn't happen to me all the time this way, it can be easy to forget about the people in a real estate transaction. I tend to...
 What we may see as unreasonable behavior in Sacramento real estate from Bay Area buyers could also be viewed another way. An unreasonable buyer could instead be an unusual buyer with specific criteria to which we Sacramento listing agents are unaccustomed. Communications we might find stark and ...
One of my reasons to visit the California State Fair this year was to see the Tiny Houses, but that exhibit was last week. Now it is gone. Well, there are always national musical acts, right? Except none I want to see, well, maybe UB 40, and they were not performing yesterday. No carnival acts, e...
Not a Sacramento buyer's agent out there who doesn't want her buyer to be thrilled with the purchase of her new home. And right along with that, rare to find an agent who doesn't cringe when buyers announce they want to take another 24 hours to think about their purchase. You know what happens to...

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